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Division of Social Work

BSW Field Experience

BSW Field Experience

Students in the undergraduate program engage in practicum (internship) courses for developing competencies in generalist practice.  Practicum courses are designed to provide practice experience by engaging students in practice with systems of various sizes.  A wide variety of community agencies serve as practicum sites including agencies serving older people, families and children, youth, adults experiencing stress, addictions and mental health issues, individuals in hospice programs, persons living with HIV/AIDS,  women leaving domestic violence situations, persons who are homeless or living in poverty, and others.

Placement Process

BSW field placements are arranged by the BSW Field Coordinator in collaboration with the agency field instructor and student.  Field placements are developed to ensure opportunities to demonstrate the CSWE competencies and practice behaviors as well as the student's educational needs and practice preferences.

In the spring of their junior year, students work with the BSW Field Coordinator to determine an agency to match their interests and circumstances.  After an interview with the potential field instructor in the agency, the placement is finalized for the senior year.

Students have a 2-semester practicum throughout the senior year.   Prior to beginning practicum courses, the BSW program requires students to complete S102, S141, S221, S231, S251 and all 300 level required social work courses.

In the fall of senior year, BSW students take S481 Social Work Practicum I (4 cr.) that involves a field placement in a community agency for 15 hours a week, and an integrative seminar (S401). Concurrent with this field experience, students take S423 Organizational Theory and Practice and S442 Practice-Policy Seminar in a Field of Practice. Students continue placement in the same agency through the spring semester of their senior year.  S482 Social Work Practicum II (4 cr.) prepares students for generalist social work practice.  Students enrolled in this practicum course are concurrently enrolled in S402 Integrative Field Practicum Seminar II, S433 Community Behavior and Practice, and S472 Social Work Practice Evaluation. Competencies and practice behaviors identified by CSWE are assessed by both the field instructor and the student during this field practicum experience. These two practicum courses provide students with a minimum of 560 hours of supervised field education.

Details regarding field practica procedures and policies are found in the BSW Field Manual.

BSW Field Manual