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Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad


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Tournament Classification

B St Thomas More School HH215 A
B St Thomas More School HH215 A
B Chesterton Middle School RH101 AA
B Clifford Pierce Middle School RH105 AA
B Colonel John Wheeler RH205 AA
B Fegely Middle School HH332 AA
B St Patrick School RH215 A
B St Patrick School B RH215 A
B Thomas Jefferson Middle School HH200 AA
B St Michael School RH223 A
B St Mary's Catholic School RH151 A
B Kahler Middle School RH201 AA
B Canterbury Middle School RH102 A
C Crown Point High School RH149 AA
C Chesterton High School RH217 AA
C Canterbury High School RH102
C Canterbury High School B RH102 A
C Michigan City High School RH209 AA
C Portage High School RH203 AA
C Highland High School HH330 A
C Valparaiso High School HH103 AA
C Rensselaer High School RH109 A
C Marquette High School HH203 A

Homerooms schould be accessible by 6:30 am on tournament day. Keycodes will be provided.