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IU Northwest Science Olympiad

On Saturday February 27, 2016 IU Northwest will host its 15th annual Science Olympiad Regional Tournament.  There will be 23 B and C division events offered as well as three B and three C division trial events.  We are proud to be hosting Science Olympiad tournaments since 2002. This years tournament promises to be one of our larger tournaments with 15 C division and 16 B division teams. We are confident, however, that all will go smoothly and go accordning to plan. Please use this website to get up-to-date information.It will be updated with new information as it becomes available. As always, we look forward seeing all of our old school friends again as well making new friends with schools that are coming to our tournament for the first time.

The primary goal of our tournament is for students to experience a fun day while doing science. A secondary goal is to find out what teams will advance to the state tournament at IU Bloomington (March 19) as well as the "wildcard" tournament at Ivy Tech Lafayette (March 5). Advancing was based on team placement in events. Five C division and six B division teams will advance to the sate tournament. The 6th C division and 7th B division teams will be invited to the wildcard tournament. Trial events are strictly for fun; medals will be awarded, however they will not count for overall team placement. Advancing teams from the 2015 IU Northwest tournament are given below,

Advancing State
B-Division: C-Division:
First Thomas Jefferson First Lake Central
Second St. Thomas More Second Whiting
Third Chesterton Third Chesterton
Fourth Kahler Fourth Canterbury
Fifth Grimmer
Sixth St. Patrick
Advancing Wildcard
B-Division: C-Division:
Runner up Whiting Runner up Marquette
Expansion Thea Bowman Expansion West Side

Detailed results for B and C Divisions can be found in the links below.

(2015) Middle School Results

(2015) High School Results