Calumet Regional Science Fair and Associated Art Exhibit


Grants Available

The administration of the Calumet Regional Science Fair is attempting to get donations to be used for individual grants for students in the Senior Division. An application will be available on this web site as soon as the process is in place. Students will have to submit the research proposal, and any other necessary protocol. If SRC pre approval is needed this will need to be obtained before applying for a grant. The grant amounts will be determined by the amount of funds available, the number of applicants, and the expense of the equipment or supplies needed. The objective is to help those in need obtain financing so that money is not an obstacle to scientific research.  

The grant awards will be given to the sponsoring teacher. All equipment purchased with the funds will become the property of the school the student attends at the time of the award. Any supplies purchased with the funds that are not used up in the research project will become the property of the school the student attends at the time of the grant award. A final project report will be required of the students awarded the grants. Schools whose students do not turn in final project reports will place future students in jeopardy of not receiving grants.  

Grant application deadlines and committee meeting dates will be posted on the  dates page. Students wishing to apply for grants will need to be sure the applications are in at least 1 week before the posted meeting dates.