Calumet Regional Science Fair and Associated Art Exhibit

Art FAQ's

Art FAQ's

How do I get to the Science Fair?

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Are there any resources out there to help me?

YES, see the science ideas, the other science links, the workshops pages from this Web site or e-mail us! We would love to help!

My school/district does not want to compete in the Science Fair. Is there anything I, as a teacher/parent/friend/etc. can do so a student can participate in the Calumet Regional Science Fair?

Yes, although the Calumet Regional Science Fair is primarily set up to use a previous local school Science Fair before entry to the Regional, it is possible, if your school or district does not have a local fair, for a student to be allowed to participate in the Regional. However, all of the rules have to be met. We will help interested young scientists in getting an IRB &/or SRC set up if necessary. But we will need to be contacted well in advance if we are to help.

What type of security will be in effect?

The Indiana University Northwest Police force will be patrolling the parking lot as usual. The gymnasium will be locked Friday night after check-in, but students are encouraged to take any expensive pieces of equipment home Friday night and bring it back on Saturday. The entire Science Fair will be housed Saturday under one roof.

The gymnasium building has washroom facilities. The cafeteria is connected to the Activities building by an enclosed corridor. Volunteers will be stationed in the gymnasium all day on Saturday to answer questions.

What type of prizes will the different aged children be competing for?

In the Art portion, blue, red, and white ribbons are available in all the divisions in all the categories. In addition, special prizes are also awarded to the students.

When do the projects have to be at the fair?

The Art Fair Projects need to be at the Savannah CenterArt Gallery by 12:00 Noon on Friday.

When do I take my project home?

All projects, both science and art are to be taken home after the second award ceremony.

When and where is the Award Ceremony?

The first Award Ceremony for both the Art and Science portions of the fair will be in the Savannah Center Gymnasium at about 3:00 PM on Saturday.

The second Award Ceremony for both the Art and Science portions of the fair will be at 2:00 PM in the IUN Theater Northwest in Tamarack Hall. A list of students winning awards to be presented at the second Award Ceremony will be posted after the first Award Ceremony right outside the Savannah Center Gymnasium.