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  1. Contact your academic department to obtain any required section authorizations or course approvals.
  2. Follow your program's academic advising procedure.
  3. Review course materials for preferred and alternate course selections.
  4. Make sure to check the Important Dates

Register for Classes
Before you Register
How to Register
Advance Registration
Late Registration
Drop/Add a Course
Drop/Add Dates and Times
Dropping All Classes
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Register for Classes

Students can register using OneStart or in person at Hawthorn Hall 109.

Before you Register

You must be admitted to the university before you can register for classes. If you have not previously attended IU Northwest or any other IU campus, please contact the Office of Admissions for application materials and more information.

Review the academic calendar to determine the appropriate time periods for registration.

Review our policies on auditing a class, the pass/fail grade option, and satisfactory/failing grades.

Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your schedule and degree requirements. Your advisor will help you obtain section authorizations, course approvals, and checklist (hold) clearance, if required.

How to Register

OneStart is an online version of IU’s registration system and can be used anywhere you can access the Web. Detailed instructions for using OneStart are available online, or you can call for help at (219) 980-6815.

A few notes about online registration:

OneStart is generally available at all times with the exception of Monday-Saturday from 5-6am and Sunday from midnight-8am (all times Eastern).

You can access the registration system from the date and time of your registration appointment through the first week of classes.

During the first week of classes, registration and schedule adjustments can be made online.

Online registration and schedule adjustment close at the end of the first week of classes.

Advanced Registration

Advance Registration will give you an earlier option to plan for and enroll in a future term. Beginning this fall, students may register for both the Spring and Fall 2015 semesters.

Some of the benefits of Advance Registration to students are:

  • Improved Academic Planning and Additional Academic Guidance. With Advance Registration, your academic advisor can help you map out your course load in a more holistic way, advising you on summer enrollment, year-round enrollment or consideration of study abroad opportunities. 
  • Making Room for New Educational Opportunities. By registering in advance, you will be able to discuss with your academic advisor additional educational opportunities, such as research activities or projects, internships and experiential options, community engagement projects, and others that will enrich your IUN experience and prepare you for a lifetime of success.
  • Addition of Course Sections for High-demand Classes. Advance Registration will alert academic programs of high-demand classes and enable them to add sections of those classes in the future to meet student demand.
  • Advance Scheduling of Priorities with Family and Employers. Advance Registration will help you make advance arrangements to better meet your academic, personal and work obligations.
  • No Added Cost for Reserving a Spot in Advance. Future tuition and fees for courses will not be due until the normal due dates for the later term. There is no added cost for Advance Registration!

We urge all students to consider Advance Registration a benefit for getting the most out of your educational experience at IU Northwest.  Email for more information, or read the Advance Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Late Registration

Beginning the second week of the fall and spring semesters (second week of the summer sessions), permission to register late or add a course will be given only for serious cause and only when there is sufficient reason to believe that the student will be able to complete the course successfully in spite of the late start. 

A request to register late (or late add) has three parts which must be turned in together to the Office of the Registrar (forms available at the Office of the Registrar):

  • The List of Courses to be added (with section numbers)
  • Written Statement clearly indicating:
    • The reason for the late registration, and
    • How the course work which was missed will be completed.
  • Signatures: The List of Courses and the Written Statement must be presented to the following persons for signature, in order:
    • The instructor for the added course(s);
    • The dean, associate dean, or program director of the student's academic degree school;
    • The dean, associate dean, or program director of the academic division offering the course(s); and
    • The vice chancellor or associate vice chancellor for academic affairs.
A late registration and/or program change fee will be charged. Contact the Office of the Bursar for further information.

Note: Students who alter their original schedules, whether by personal incentive or by university directive, must do so officially by the procedures outlined above. Failure to assume this responsibility may jeopardize a student's academic record by incurring an F in a course improperly dropped and/or by not receiving credit for a course improperly added.

Drop/Add a Course

You can adjust your schedule by dropping or adding courses from the time of your initial registration appointment through the predetermined drop/add and late registration period. Signatures and authorizations may be required depending on how far into the semester the schedule adjustment is requested, and a late schedule adjustment fee may be charged.

If a course is dropped, tuition and fees will be refunded on a percentage basis according to the semester refund schedule (see the academic calendar). Students receiving financial aid should contact the Office of Financial Aid before making a schedule adjustment to determine how the change will affect eligibility and payment.

Drop/Add Dates and Times

Students can drop classes electronically via their OneStart accounts until midnight of the deadline date. Students who choose to complete paper drop forms must submit them to the Office of the Registrar by 5 p.m. on or before the deadline date. Refund dates and amounts may vary for the first eight weeks, the second eight weeks, and for non-standard length courses. Visit the academic calendar for specific dates.

OneStart is generally available at all times with the exception of Monday-Saturday from 5-6am and Sunday from midnight-8am (all times Eastern). Electronic add (eAdd) is not available to IU Northwest students at this time.

Dropping All Classes

Once classes have begun, you must contact the Office of the Registrar to withdraw from all of your semester classes. Failing to pay your fees or issuing a stop payment through your bank does not constitute an official withdrawal. To receive a full refund, you must officially withdraw by the withdrawal deadline. If you do not officially withdraw, you will be responsible for all fees and will receive failing grades in all registered classes.

If you are eligible for financial aid but do not plan to complete the semester, you must withdraw from your semester classes by the withdrawal deadline. Otherwise, your fees will be paid by your financial aid, your enrollment will be validated, and you will receive failing grades in all registered classes.

Fall and Spring Semesters

Any schedule changes made after the first week require the signature of instructor and academic advisor. Instructor signatures and the signature of your academic advisor are required for withdrawals further into the semester. Visit the academic calendar for specific dates.

College of Arts and Science Late Withdrawal Procedures

  • Go to IUN.EDU
  • Put mouse on Academics and click on the Academic Division
  • On the left hand side click on College of Arts and Science
  • Go to Policies Procedures
  • Click and follow directions for the Late Withdrawal Policy

Late Registration begins the second week of the fall and spring semesters and the second week of the summer sessions. Permission to register late will only be given for serious cause. A program change (and/or late registration) fee will be charged. 

Non-Standard Length Courses

To drop a non-standard length course, the signature of the instructor will be required beginning the first day of the second half of the course. For example, for a course meeting the second eight weeks of the term, the instructor's signature will not be required until the first day of the fifth week of the class. Be sure to remind the representative processing the withdrawal in the Office of the Registrar that the course started late. For the refund schedule for these courses, visit the Office of the Bursar's web page.

Note: Students who alter their original schedules, whether by personal incentive or by university directive, must do so officially by the procedures outlined above. Failure to assume this responsibility may jeopardize a student's academic record by incurring an F in a course improperly dropped and/or by not receiving credit for a course improperly added.


Your username and passphrase permits access to OneStart. If you forget your passphrase, you must visit the UITS-NW Support Center in Hawthorn Hall 108 or any of the Student Technology Centers (STCs) when a Consultant is on duty. STCs are located in Marram 103, Savannah 227, and the First Floor Library Information Commons. A photo ID is required.

Past-Due Financial Accounts (Holds)

A hold on your account can result from unpaid fees, library fines, parking tickets, and other causes that can prevent you from registering for classes. Please review your holds in OneStart

Financial Aid

If you are receiving any financial aid, be sure to consult with the Office of Financial Aid prior to your withdrawal to determine if dropping the class will affect your aid. Similarly, if you are required to maintain a certain enrollment level, such as full-time, for purposes of being carried on a health insurance policy or to receive VA benefits, be sure to check to see if a drop will affect your eligibility status.

Students who accumulate an excessive number of W's on their records may be deemed to not be making satisfactory academic progress on their degree. If such a determination is made, they may be blocked from registering and may risk restrictions or loss of financial aid.


Enrollment and Degree Verification Requests female studying

Personal, Insurance or Apartment Requests

Complete the enrollment verification request form in the Office of the Registrar. Enrollment verifications are free of charge for students who need them for personal reasons. Enrollment verifications are made available during the second week of classes.

Students may also print immediate copies of their enrollment verifications and Good Student Discount information. This may be accesed via OneStart by clicking the "Enrollment Verification" link under the Academics tab in the Student Center. This link will take you directly to the National Student Clearinghouse website where you will have access to print off your enrollment verification, check deferment forms and electronic notifications sent to your lenders, obtain student loan information, view enrollment verifications provided at your request, and view your enrollment history.

Student Loan Requests
The National Student Clearinghouse provides enrollment and degree verifications to outside requestors. They can be contacted at:

National Student Clearinghouse
13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300
Herndon, VA 20171-3280

You may also visit their website at

The Office of the Registrar refers outside agencies to the National Student Clearinghouse for degree verifications and enrollment verifications and forwards deferment forms to them once a week for processing.

Academic Progress  

Unofficial Transcript

Currently enrolled students who simply want an unofficial copy of their transcript may obtain one without charge using OneStart. Be aware that any document produced from OneStart will not typically be accepted for any official transactions such as applications for admission or as proof of a degree. This tool is not available to students who have been out of school for any period of time.

To access your unofficial transcript using OneStart, follow these steps:

  • Log into OneStart
  • Click "Student Self-Service"
  • Click "Go to Student Center"
  • Click "My Academic & Grades"
  • Click "View My Unofficial Transcript"
  • On the page that appears, from the drop-down menu next to "Academic Institution," select the appropriate campus. Next to "Report Type," select Unofficial/Cur Enrl/All Career. (This will include your current classes in the transcript. Select Unofficial/All Career if you don't want to include your current classes.)
  • Click "Go"

The unofficial transcript is designed to show exactly the same information as your official Indiana University transcript. Term and cumulative IU GPA statistics throughout the transcript are based on university-wide rules (for example, all X grades are honored for exclusion from the GPA, and all coursework and grades are included even if repeated).

At the end of the transcript, you will also see the Student Program GPA summary. These statistics are calculated according to the rules of your current program (e.g., whether X grades are honored for exclusion from the GPA, whether courses may be repeated for credit). Certain courses may be designated with a note indicating the course was repeated or an equivalent course was later completed. Courses with this note are excluded from the Student Program GPA calculation.


Craig DeMyer

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Mary Malyj
Transcript Clerk 
Hawthorn Hall 109
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Office Hours:

Monday & Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p m.
Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Phone Number:

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Fax Number:

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