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  • There are countless ways to get involved at IU Northwest—through your major, recreational sports, and more than 50 clubs and organizations. To learn more about specific opportunities at IU Northwest, visit the list of registered student organizations.

    Also, make sure to use resources on campus such as your orientation leader, the Office of Student Activities, professors, and other students for advice on other ways to get involved.

  • Check out the Office of Career Services web site for information on internships.

    You may also check with your academic advisor for suggestions on opportunities that might be right for you. Finally, start thinking about doing undergraduate research to gain experience in your field! Many colleges and departments have research opportunities for students. The campus also provides financial support for students doing undergraduate research through the Undergraduate Research Fund and the Minority Opportunity for Research Experience (MORE).  

  • While some study abroad programs require junior or senior standing, some programs can be arranged anytime. Study abroad trips can last as little as a week to as long as a year and take place throughout the world. The Department of Modern Languages suggests you start planning your trip a year in advance of your departure. For more information about the variety of study abroad trips available, see the Study Abroad website.

  • The schedule of classes is posted online. There are several different ways to browse the schedule including by department, by time offered, and by teaching modality. 

  • The University Bookstore is located in Savannah Center. 

    If you prefer to rent your textbooks, check the Campus Book Rental section of the Barnes and Noble website for more information.

    Also, make sure to check online discounted books from used books sources such as or

  • Before you drop any class, you should contact your academic advisor to learn important information about dates and deadlines, as well as how dropping the class will affect your academic progress.

    If a course is dropped, tuition and fees will be refunded on a percentage basis according to the semester refund schedule (see the academic calendar). Students receiving financial aid should contact the Office of Financial Aid before making a schedule adjustment to determine how the change will affect eligibility and payment.

    Once you have met with your advisor and spoken to Financial Aid, you can add and drop classes at Students can drop classes electronically until midnight of the deadline date. 

      1. Go to and log in using your IU username and passphrase
      2. Enter Drop or Add in the search box at the top of the page.
      3. Click on the appropriate box, depending on whether it is the first week of class, or after the first week.
      4. The system will walk you through the dropping or adding process.
      5. Once finished, click My Class Schedule.
      6. Print a copy of your schedule!
        • To print without your name, click Print at the top.
        • To print with your name, click Printer Friendly Page, and then click Print at the top.
        • To print a weekly calendar view of your schedule, click Weekly Calendar View.
      1. If you are using a public computer, be sure to close the browser and log off to protect your privacy. is a great site to bookmark in your browser; it’s like IU's app store, where can find all the functions that you need your user ID and passphrase to access. Once you've found a function you use a lot, like email, registration info, financial aid, your statement of account, click on the heart to add it to your favorites!

  • Make sure to talk to your professors so that they understand your situation. Professors may be very willing to help you if you are open and honest with them. You can also receive documentation of a visit to the IU Northwest Health and Wellness Clinic by visiting the clinic and asking for a record of your appointment.

  • You may edit your course schedule by adding or dropping classes. Please check important dates for specific dates related to course registration deadlines. Make sure to talk to your advisor to confirm the changes are still in line with your degree requirements.

    To change your class schedule, visit and enter drop or add classes in the Search box. Click the appropriate link depending on whether it's during or after the first week of classes and follow the instructions. 

  • For information about Credit by Examination, call the Office of Admissions at (219) 980-6991.

  • See the Office of Admissions for details on obtaining AP or CLEP credit. 

  • Cheating is taken seriously at IU Northwest. You are expected to do your own work and adequately cite ideas you receive from other sources. Each professor may handle cheating differently, but to make sure you protect yourself, familiarize yourself with the university’s basic tips and procedures detailed in the Student Rights and Responsibilities and Student Affairs Hearing Process and Procedures documents on the Student Affairs website.

  • There are many resources for you if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, upset, or are just having a hard time with your transition to college.

    IU Northwest’s Counseling Center also has many resources to help you with all of those concerns. You can learn how to cope with your transition through sessions on stress management, individual and group counseling sessions, or by finding helpful information on the office’s web site.

  • For specific financial aid questions, utilize the Student Financial Aid Office website to answer many of your questions. If you don’t find the answer you need, the website has additional information on how to contact a financial aid counselor.

    Make sure to fill out your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), which will help you learn about aid options. The deadline every year is February 15.

    Also, the Money Smarts webpage ( can help you learn about budgeting, credit management, and other financial issues!

  • The Health and Wellness Center Clinic is made possible through the College of Health and Human Services. It is an organization of health care professionals who are committed to improving the health and well-being of the IU Northwest campus community. They seek to do this through the delivery of high quality, affordable health care and through health promotion and illness prevention activities that provide students, faculty, and staff with the tools they need to live a healthy lifestyle. 

    It is a convenient place to go if you are sick while at IU Northwest and is located in the Dunes Professional Building – room 1027. The Center is open during typical business hours. Call (219) 980-7250 to schedule an appointment.

  • It is completely up to you to decide if you need a computer to use while at IU Northwest. The university provides many alternatives to owning your own computer. Many students choose to utilize the campus computer labs, which provide free computer access to IU Northwest students.

  • Yes. Visit these sites for more information about recommendations and discounts:

  • There are many places you can receive additional help in your academic course work; some areas specialize in specific areas, and some offer more general academic guidance. Make sure to talk to your academic advisor if you are having a difficult time in classes and need assistance finding resources or learning your options.

    For more information on academic help, seek out the following resources:

  • IU Northwest’s Office of Career Services is the perfect place to get some help on writing a resume and strengthening your job interview skills. They will work with you one on one or you can attend one of the many workshops they run throughout the year.  

  • There are countless opportunities for jobs in the campus area. Check with:

  • IU Northwest has its own university police force of highly trained officers to protect students and staff on campus and facilitate a number of programs to keep students safe through the Indiana University Police Department-Northwest. Make note of the locations of the blue light emergency telephones located throughout campus. These can be used during emergencies to call 911 and bring a University police officer to your aid.

    Campus Escort Service is provided by IU Northwest Police Officers and cadets and will provide other assistance as needed at any time. Anyone who desires an escort can request it by dialing the department’s 24-hour telephone number 980-6501.

  • All areas and facilities in the university parking system are controlled. Permit areas are designated as follows:  Faculty/Staff, Student, Reserved, or Handicapped. There are signs present to specify the specific designation of each parking area. A parking map is provided here

    All vehicles parked on IU Northwest property must properly display an IU Northwest parking permit. Permits may be obtained through the Office of Parking Services.

  • The First Year Success Series is a First Year Experience program that offers more than 30 different events and lectures about transitional topics important to first-year students held on Wednesdays throughout the school year. Students are often required to attend a couple of success series events through a particular course, although you can attend many more sessions than required and they are open to all students on campus. See the First Year Calendar for more information!

    More questions? Please contact