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Students studying psychology have a number of unique resources at their disposal as well as a number of related clubs and activities.  Click the link on the left for specific information regarding each.

Gain Research Experience

You can learn more about psychology and research methods by participating in scientific studies conducted in Department of Psychology at IUN. You can also participate in a simulated therapy session and learn about counseling. You need to sign to the Sona System in order to partake in these activities.

Cooperative Work Experience

Students can earn academic credit by working in community settings through the department’s Cooperative Work Experience course.  Popular community settings include prisons, mental health clinics, and nursing centers. 

Doctorate Preparation and Faculty Research

Students who wish to prepare for doctoral education can participate in faculty research in a variety of areas including language, health, child development, and human learning.  

Graduate School Resources

Resources available in the Psychology Department Main Office

  • Graduate School information
  • Information on Careers in Psychology
  • Information on How to Write Your Statements
  • Information on research opportunities
  • Information on volunteer opportunities