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The coursework aims to teach students how to evaluate research methods, research designs, and statistics; distinguish theories and findings based on evidence from those without such support; and speak and write effectively about psychology-related topics.

  • Introductory Psychology 1
  • Introductory Psychology 2
  • Statistical Techniques (Prerequisite: M100, M117 or higher)
  • Methods of Experimental Psychology
  • Upper-level (300-400) courses in General Experimental Psychology (two courses for the B.A. and three courses for the B.S.) and in Human Processes (two courses)
  • Upper-division electives (one for the B.A. degree, two for the B.S. degree)
  • An advanced experimental laboratory

In addition to the listed courses, the student is reliable for fulfilling the general requirements of the Bachelor’s Degree as established by the College of Arts and Sciences.

Students should consult with the department for additional information concerning prerequisites, course content, and academic counseling.