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iun police
  • The IU Northwest Police utilizes a variety of media in order to provide information and promote safety on campus. Brochures on different subjects are made available throughout the year.  IU Northwest Police Officers are available to present safety and security talks to campus community groups at the Northwest campus.

    Crime prevention activities and programs include the following:

    Crime Alerts

    Crime alert information notices will be posted in the event of a serious incident on campus that may pose a danger to others. Crime alert notices are also disseminated by electronic media using electronic bulletin notices.

    Building & Grounds

    Officers patrolling the IU Northwest campus report shrubs or trees that might create an unsafe area as well as poor lighting and other possible unsafe conditions to the Physical Plant Department. Campus buildings and grounds are patrolled regularly.

    Campus Escort Service

    Campus Escort Service is proviced by IU Northwet Police Officers and cadets and will provide other assistance as needed at anytime. Anyone who desires an escort can request it by dialing the department 24-hour telephone number 980-6501.

    Knock n’ Talk

    As part of our neighborhood watch efforts officers make periodic contact with the residents of IU owned houses and student apartments to discuss with them any concerns they may have.

  • May 1999 marked the beginning of the University Police Bike Patrol. The program proves to be cost effective and continues to foster close relationships between the campus community and the University Police.

    Currently the bike patrol consists of several officers who have, in addition to their police training, attended a 40-hour police cycling course. This course prepares the officers for effectively performing their police function in the elements using non-traditional equipment. The IUN Police bike patrol is active year around.

    The department currently uses Trek police bikes. These are specially built bikes sold only to police departments. They have heavy-duty componentry and upgraded accessories not normally seen on this level bicycle frame. Repair equipment, various forms, and first aid equipment is carried on each bike.

    The bike patrol provides many benefits to both the police and the campus at large. The mobility of the bikes enables officers to patrol areas which are inaccessible to vehicles, while adding speed and stealth to their movements. Bike patrols move easily through congested areas as well, but the interaction of the bike officers with the public is by far the greatest benefit. Many find the bike officers much more approachable and thus the officers receive important feedback on activity around campus and how to continually improve the services the department provides the campus community.

  • In the interest of the campus community, IU Northwest's facilities are well-maintained, with their security given constant attention.

    Hours of Operation

    Access to IU Northwest's academic and administrative facilities generally is limited to students, employees, and visitors who are here to study, work, teach, or conduct other university business.

    • Administrative buildings are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
    • Academic buildings generally are open from 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
    • Academic and administrative buildings are scheduled to be open only as needed on weekends.
    • Access to individual classrooms and laboratories is limited to those enrolled in courses meeting there.

    Access to Buildings

    Many cultural and community meetings, some of which are open to the public, are held in University facilities.

    Both the IU Northwest Bookstore and the IU Northwest Library/Conference Center are open to the public. The exterior doors to all campus facilities can be unlocked by the University Police.

    Campus Grounds

    Landscaping and outdoor lighting on campus have been designed with safety and security in mind. Sidewalks provide well-traveled, well-lit routes for individuals walking between parking areas and buildings. In addition, shrubs routinely are trimmed away from sidewalks and building entrances to enhance lighting and visibility.

    All campus walkways and parking lots are continuously inspected to ensure that there is adequate lighting. Burned-out lights are replaced promptly. As new buildings and parking lots are added to the IU Northwest campus, lighting and walkways are designed with this same attention to safety and security.

  • To further ensure the well-being of each member of the campus community, the University Police Department provides an escort service, which is designed to enhance your safety and peace of mind if you must walk after dark. Escorts are available from dusk to dawn, 365 days a year, from one campus location to another or from any campus location to one of the IU Northwest parking lots.

    A campus emergency phone may be used to request an escort, all of whom are members of the University Police Department. You should specify to the dispatcher who answers: where you are, where you will be waiting, and your destination. If you are calling from a building, you can wait inside but you should check periodically for a patrol car or officer. It is not necessary to call for an escort in advance because the officers are always on duty and ready to be dispatched. On occasion, there may be a delay, but you should not anticipate that. Rather, proceed immediately to the location you specified to the dispatcher.

    We hope you will keep in mind that the University Police Department's escort service is a safe alternative to walking alone after dark.

  • Indiana University Northwest's Lost and Found is centrally located at the University Police Department. The University Police Department is located at the north end of Tamarack Hall.

    How to Report/Retrieve a Lost Item

    Stop by the University Police Department and report what you have lost. Please provide the department with specific information about the lost item(s). If the item has already been found and delivered to the University Police, you may be able to recover the lost item immediately. If the item has not been found and delivered to the University Police, you have the option of leaving contact information with the department or returning to the department at another time.

    How to Report/Deliver a Lost Item

    Please deliver found property to the University Police Department. The University Police will log the found item and place it with other found items. Please provide the University Police with specific information about where and when the item was found.

    Lost items can be delivered to the University Police Department at any time. The University Police Department is open and staffed 24-houtrs a day, year-round.

    Lost items can be retrieved between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on weekdays (Monday through Friday).

    Items typically reported lost/found include jewelry, books, personal electronics, wallets, and purses.
    Soft goods, such as clothing, is difficult to store in the limited space allocated to Lost and Found and may not be accepted.

  • If resources permit we will unlock or jump-start your vehicle after a waiver of liability is completed. On the IU Northwest campus, call the IU Northwest Police for assistance by dialing 980‑6501 (6501).