iun placement testing

The information below applies only to current enrolled students.

Students who have a strong background in a foreign language are strongly encouraged to take the Foreign Language Placement Test.

  • Students, who have already completed a college level foreign language course or dual credit/AP test credit, may not take the placement test in that language.
  • The tests available at IU Northwest are French, German and Spanish.  For other languages the student must contact the Placement Coordinator to arrange a test from the Bloomington campus.
  • Students with no previous college level coursework, who take the test by the end of their second semester, will not be charge for any credit received. Transfer students who take the test during their first semester will be charged $21.00 for any course credit earned.
  • All other students will be assessed the regular credit hour fee at the appropriate resident or non-resident rate.
  • There is a $13.80 fee for the foreign language test - paid at the Office of the Student Accounts - before taking the test.
  • Please bring your receipt to your testing appointment.

To sign up for Modern Language Placement, please contact the Testing Coordinator at (219) 980-6830 or by email testingn@iun.edu.

Placement testing for students admitted in the Summer 2017 semester or later is not available at the moment. More information will be posted in the coming weeks.