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iun placement testing

Biology and Chemistry Placement Testing


IU Northwest offers two introductory Biology courses. For some students, BIO L101 is required for their major program. In order to take BIO L101, students must first either pass BIO L100 with a C or Higher OR score a 12 or higher on the Biology Placement Exam. 

The Biology Placement Exam consists of 20 general knowledge multiple choice questions. The test questions are made up of high school level biology topics. By scoring a 12 or higher, a student can enroll directly into BIO L-101. If a student scores 11 or lower, they must enroll in BIO L-100 before taking L-101. 

To schedule a Biology Placement Exam, please contact the Biology Department Secretary at (219) 980-6724. Walk-in testing is also available in Marram Hall Room 335.


There are two introductory chemistry courses offered IU Northwest, CHEM C101 (Elementary Chemistry) and CHEM C105 (Principles of Chemistry). While C101 is a class that stands on its own, it is a great skill-building experience that has shown success in preparing students for C105. 

For many students, C105 is a required course for their major program. In order to take C105, a student must fulfill one of three criteria: earn a C or better in CHEM C101 OR score higher than an 8 on the Chemistry Placement Exam (CPE) OR complete an online preparatory module (ALEKS). 

The Chemistry Placement Exam is a timed (1 hour 15 minutes), 30 question online test that tests knowledge of high school chemistry topics. By scoring an 8 or higher, students can enroll directly into CHEM C105. Scoring a 7 or lower will require students to either take CHEM C101 or the ALEKS prep course.