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Placement Testing

Placement Testing and Assessment

In order to place students into proper levels of course work, newly admitted students are required to take placement tests.  

Students may not register for classes until they have taken the appropriate tests.  

After completing the tests, students will be given test results and a referral to their academic advisor.

Math/English Placement Test

  • Testing for summer and fall term admits starts the beginning of March and ends the first week of classes. Testing for spring term admits starts the beginning of October and ends the first week of classes.
  • In order to schedule an appointment for placement testing you must first create your technology account.  To set up your account go to Creating an IU account.  If you have problems setting up your account please contact the IT Support Center at 219-981-4357 or email: [[iunhelp]]
  • After setting up your technology account go to Schedule a placement test (preferred) for available dates. Please note it takes at least 24 hours for your technology account to be created so please wait one day before attempting to schedule online.  If you are experiencing difficulties signing up for an appointment online leave a message at 219-980-6830
  • Some students need to complete the STEP workshop before scheduling a placement test. Please follow this link to the Math Department's website to schedule for the STEP workshop.
  • The math portion is a 50 minute timed test, the test will start promptly at the time scheduled. Students arriving late will not be allowed to make up any time missed. Students arriving more than 10 minutes late will need to reschedule their appointment. To view sample math tests visit the Math Department's website.
  • The English portion is a self-placement questionnaire. For more information please go to English placement test.
  • All testing is done on campus in Hawthorn Hall Room 230.  Appointments are required. Up to 20 students are scheduled at a time.
  • There is no fee for math or English placement test.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign Language Placement Test

  • Students who have a strong foreign language background should conside taking the test.
  • Students who have already completed a college level foreign language course or dual credit/AP test credit, may not take the placement test in that language.
  • The tests available at IU Northwest are French, German and Spanish.  For other languages the student must contact the appropriate language department on the Bloomington campus.
  • Students who have no previous college course work and take the test during their first or second semester will not be charged for any course credit earned.
  • Transfer students who take the test during their first semester will be charged $21.00 for any course credit earned.
  • All other students will be assessed the regular credit hour fee at the appropriate resident or non-resident rate.
  • To schedule a foreign language placement test please call 219-980-6830.
  • There is a $13.80 fee for foreign language test – paid at the Office of the Bursar (Hawthorn Hall lobby) before taking the test.
  • Please bring your receipt to your testing appointment in Hawthorn Hall Room 230.

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