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iun performing arts

Performing Arts Class Schedule

Theatre courses and labs:

Offered frequently

  • Acting I
  • Introduction to Theatre
  • Production Practicum
  • Script Analysis
  • Stagecraft I
  • Senior Performance Project and Capstone Seminar (as needed)

Offered on a two-year rotation

  • Acting II
  • Acting III
  • Design for the Theatre
  • Directing I
  • History of the Theatre 1 and 2
  • Special Topics - Stage Combat
  • Stage Lighting
  • Voice and Speech

Offered Occasionally

  • Acting IV
  • Creative Dramatics
  • Costuming I and II
  • Directing II
  • Movement for the Theatre
  • Musical Theatre
  • Stagecraft II
  • Scenic Design I and II

**Students should consult with the department for additional information concerning prerequisites, course content and academic counseling.