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Visitors or volunteers who will be on campus may purchase a temporary Parking Permit for $2 a day from the following locations:

  • Parking Permit Kiosks -Permits purchased from one of our kiosks will allow you to park in areas signed "IUN Permit Parking"

*Kiosks accepts $1 bills and coins (quarters, dimes and nickels). Kiosks will not give change

Parking permits will be required from Monday at 6 AM through Thursday at 10:00 PM.  Friday and weekend parking will be free and no permit will be required.

A vehicle displaying a temporary permit may park in a disability space with a state issued plate or placard. 

Parking Services is open Monday and Thursday 8 AM to 6 PM, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8 AM to 5 PM. The Parking Permit Kiosks are available at anytime and are located on the west side of lot #2 (south side of 33rd Avenue) and in front of the Library Conference Center. *Kiosks accepts $1 bills and coins (quarters, dimes and nickels). Kiosks will not give change.

Parking Services will only accept check or cash payments. 

A university department can purchase a one day Temporary Parking Permit at least 7 days in advance for visitors and volunteers. The department must submit a request for the quantity of permits and the date of visit to the Office of Parking Services. A charge of $2 a permit will be charged to the department.

Parking fines will be the responsibility of the permit holder.

*General fund accounts can only be used to purchase parking permits for visitors or volunteers.