parking lot cars

The various academic and administrative facilities at the university generate numerous events open to the general public or various segments of the community not normally associated with the university. These events sometimes necessitate restricted use of certain lots or designated areas. It is the responsibility of the host department to notify attendees of appropriate parking arrangements.

General rules governing these events:

  1. Parking for off-campus guests for a scheduled event will be handled the same regardless of whether the event is an IU sponsored event or an event sponsored by an off-campus group.

The options for guest/visitor parking will be as follows:

  • Guests can purchase a temporary parking permit from one of the parking permit kiosks for $2 and park on campus in spaces marked “IUN Permit Parking”  A vehicle displaying a temporary permit may park in a disability space with a state issued disability plate or placard.
  • Guests can park at no charge at the Park and Ride lot at Arts on Grant and ride the RedHawk Parking Shuttle when in service for free with a guest pass obtained from the security guard.  This is an option Monday through Thursday from 8AM – 7:30 PM during the fall and spring semesters while classes are in session.
  • The event organizer can purchase visitor permits for $2 in advance from Parking Services to be mailed or emailed to their guests.  7 day advance notice is required.  This option is not available for late requests.
  • For events 8 hours or longer - The event organizer can pay a flat rate of $400. This will allow the issuance of parking tickets to be suspended for 24 hours the day of the event.  If two or more separate events are held on the same day, then the cost will be pro-rated.
  • For events less than 8 hours -The event organizer can pay a $50 per hour rate.  This will allow the issuance of parking tickets to be suspended for the number of hours paid by the event organizer. 
  • Events can be held on a Friday or on weekends when parking is free.  Parking permits will be required from Monday at 6 AM through Thursday at 10:00 PM. 

 2.  Exceptions - (i.e., no parking permits will be required and the $400 fee or $50 per hour fee waived) will only be made as follows:

  • Ticketing will be suspended with no charge to Admissions for Admissions Preview Nights and New Student Orientations.
  • Ticketing will be suspended with no charge for the following academic recognition ceremonies:  Business Honors and Awards Reception, Arts and Sciences Honors Reception, Dental and Nursing (May and December) Recognition Ceremonies, and SPEA and Social Work Hooding Ceremonies.  
  • Ticketing will be suspended with no charge during the first week of each semester.

 *General fund accounts can only be used to purchase parking permits for visitors or volunteers.