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Register Your Vehicle and Purchase Your Permit

The new unified parking system will require vehicle plate information at the time your purchase your permit.  You can register and purchase a permit at

All areas and facilities in the university parking system are controlled.  Permit areas are designated as follows: Faculty/Staff, Student, Reserved, or Handicapped.  There are signs to specify the specific designation of each parking area. Designated areas may be revised as parking needs change. Use of certain lots may be temporarily restricted to facilitate special events, construction, maintenance, or other unusual circumstances.

All vehicles parked on IU Northwest property must properly display an IU Northwest parking permit. Permits will not be issued to anyone who has not paid all of their outstanding fees or fines.  

During the 1st week of classes an exception is made so students and visitors can park in the areas signed IUN Permit Parking without an IUN Parking Permit. This time frame allows individuals to park without receiving a parking fine in order to obtain the appropriate permit.  This exception does not include Faculty/Staff, Handicap and Reserved 

  • Vehicles with Faculty/Staff Parking Permits may park in Faculty/Staff and IU Permit Parking areas.  Full-time faculty and staff who are students, as well as students who are adjunct faculty or part-time employees are ineligible to purchase Faculty/Staff Parking Permits.  Qualifying fees for full-time faculty and staff may be paid by payroll deductions, cash, check, or credit card (online only). Purchase is dependent on having no record of unpaid fees or fines.     

    • Full-time Faculty and Professional Staff Permit - $185 per year
    • Adjunct Faculty Permit - $25 per semester
    • Full-time Support Staff Permit - $120 per year
    • Part-time Staff Permit - $10 per month
  • Students who are currently registered and on record in the Office of the Registrar or Office of Continuing Studies, with the exception of full‑time faculty and full-time appointed staff of IUN, are eligible to purchase Student Parking Permits. Vehicles with Student Parking Permits may park in areas designated IUN Permit Parking. After 5:30 p.m., Student Parking Permit holders may park in designated areas of Faculty/Staff parking areas except where otherwise posted. Some lots are restricted to Faculty/Staff Parking Permits only. Designated areas may be revised as parking needs change. Purchase is dependent on having no record of unpaid fees or fines in the Office of the Bursar.  In accordance with the university policy for refunding academic fees upon withdrawal from school, a student may receive a refund during the first week of class for a given semester.

    • Student Semester Permit - $39
    • Non-Credit Continuing Studies Program Student Permit - $5 per semester

    *A permit will be issued for the Non-Credit Continuing Studies Program student. This permit provides the same privileges as a Student Parking Permit.

  • Reserved spaces are reserved for the individual permit holder on a 24 hour basis. These spots are available only to full-time faculty and staff.  A significant premium is charged for this privilege.  Purchase is dependent on having no record of unpaid fees or fines.

    Reserved Fees:

    • Reserved Fees - $525 per year
  • IU Northwest Disability Parking Permit holders are authorized to park in IU Northwest disability identified parking spaces. All individuals parking in disability spaces must display an IU Northwest Disability Parking Permit. Individuals requesting a disability permit should contact Parking Services.

    Either one of the following documentation should be submitted with the request:

    • A copy of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles disability registration issued to the applicant.
    • A copy of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles disability placard receipt issued to the applicant.

    A temporary disability permit will be issued to those needing short-term disability parking. An individual is given two weeks to visit a physician and receive authorization in writing attesting to his or her disability. Upon receipt of this authorization, the Office of Parking Services will issue a thirty (30) day temporary disability permit. If the person requires the permit for more than thirty (30) days, the applicant must apply for a state issued placard or license plate and submit the appropriate documentation described above.

    Disability permits replace an existing Faculty/Staff, Student, or Reserved Parking Permit, or they may be purchased at the regular rate of the permit that the individual is eligible to purchase. This does not include a motorcycle permit.

    *Visitors to the campus can be issued a temporary disability permit for one or two days upon making a request to parking services.

    • Faculty/Staff or Student Disability Permit - Rate of tag issued
    • One Day Visitor Permit  $2.00
    • Special Event Fees - $50.00 per hour, max. of $400.00
    • Motorcycles - $5.00 per year
    • Permit Replacement Cost -$15.00
    • Vehicle Towing - price determined by independent contractor
    • Retirees - please contact Parking Services
    Note: All fees and dates are subject to change without notice.