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It is your responsibility to be aware of the parking/traffic regulations of Indiana University Northwest. They are provided for your convenience and safety and to expedite the flow of traffic.
Vehicle Parking Regulations.

Regulations are in effect and enforced at all times and are subject to amendment as approved by the chancellor of the campus.

  1. All vehicles must properly display a parking permit. To be valid, a permit must be clearly visable. Hang tags should hang from rear view mirror. Visitor permits should be placed on the driver side dashboard. (see Permit Display for detailed instructions).
  2. The speed limit for motor vehicles on university property is 10 miles per hour. No vehicle may be operated in any parking lot at a greater speed than is reasonable and prudent under existing conditions.
  3. Pedestrians have the right of way at all times. Both pedestrians and vehicles must comply with all traffic signals.
  4. Legal parking of motor vehicles on university property is confined to areas designated for that purpose or as directed by University Police and the Office of Parking Services. Parking is prohibited on lawns, in construction areas, or any other place which will mar the landscape of the campus, create a hazard, or interfere with the use of university facilities by others. Violators are subject to violation tickets and cars may be towed or the Boot may be applied.
  5. Yellow markings designate No Parking Zones. Parking is not allowed at any building entrance, emergency zone, or loading and service vehicle dock/zone.
  6. Motorbikes, motorcycles, and motor scooters are subject to all regulations and must be operated only on streets designated for normal automobile use. A parking permit is required for motorcycles. Designated motorcycle areas should be used for parking.
  7. Any accident involving a motor vehicle on university property must be reported to the University Police, (219) 980-6501, at the earliest possible moment.
  8. The person in whose name a parking permit is issued is responsible for all violations by all vehicles displaying that person's permit. A citation will not be excused because another person was using the permit or vehicle.
  9. Any vehicle in violation of parking regulations or any which are abandoned may be towed and stored at the owner's expense.  A vehicle will be considered abandoned if it is continuously parked on IUN property for longer than 2 days.
  10. IU Northwest honors faculty, staff, and student parking permits from all Indiana and Purdue University campuses in comparable parking areas. Vehicles owned by either Indiana or Purdue University and any other state of Indiana higher education institution may park in faculty/staff areas.
  11. Bicycles may not be chained or locked to undesignated university property or in areas prohibited by fire codes (doorways, corridors, stairways, fire exits, fire plugs, etc.). Bicycles may not be parked in spaces provided for motor vehicles.
  12. During special events, persons with valid IU Northwest parking permits are allowed to park in permit lots without charge.
  13. A person who accumulates six or more paid or unpaid parking violations may be subject to towing. The tow warning will give the violator 48 hours to settle all charges or the vehicle may be towed or the Boot may be applied.
  14. Parking in a disabled space without the proper university issued permit is subject to tow and a fine.
  15. Parking in a reserved space without the proper university issued permit is prohibited.  Violators will be towed and fined.
  16. Drivers of university vehicles are responsible for traffic violation notices received while they are operating the vehicle.
  17. More than one meter violation parking citation can be issued in a twenty four hour period if more than four hours has elapsed since the first citation was issued.
  18. During the 1st week of classes an exception is made so students, staff and visitors can park in the areas signed IUN Permit Parking without an IUN Parking Permit.  This time frame allows individuals to park without receiving a parking fine in order to obtain the appropriate permit from Parking Services.  This exception does not include, Faculty/Staff, Disability, Reserved or Metered areas.