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I.C. 21-39-5 defines the authority of IU Northwest in regards to traffic and parking control. The regulations applicable to traffic and parking may include but are not limited to:

  • Provisions governing the registration, speed, operation, parking and times, places, and manner of use of motor vehicles, bicycles, and other vehicles.
  • Provisions prescribing penalties for the violations of regulations that may include the imposition of reasonable charges, the removing and impounding of vehicles which are operated or parked in violation of the regulations at the expense of the violator, and the denial of permission to operate vehicles on the property of such an institution.
  • Provisions establishing reasonable charges and fees approved by the Board of Trustees for the registration of vehicles.
  • Provisions regarding the use of parking spaces or facilities owned and operated by such an institution.

The law does not limit or restrict the powers of any other governmental authority with jurisdiction over public streets, roads, or alleys.