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Vehicle Parking Regulations

Finding Authorized Space 
Drivers are responsible for finding an authorized parking space. Lack of parking space, mechanical problems, inclement weather, or other disabilities do not justify parking violations.

Space Availability 
A parking permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space (except for reserved permits), merely an opportunity to park within a specified zone or designated area as defined by privileges of the permit.

Permit Ownership 
A parking permit signifies an individual has been granted the privilege of parking on university property. Ownership of the parking permit remains with the university. Permits are nontransferable and are not for resale.

Permit Display 
Parking permits or passes must be displayed according to the parking regulations or special instructions provided by the Office of Parking Services at the time of issuance. A parking permit is not considered valid unless it is displayed correctly on the vehicle.

In all cases of conflict, signs and markings should be presumed to be correct and will take precedence over any conflicting parking map designation.