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Online Education image - online student at the library

Why choose Online Education at IU Northwest?  

College students have so many choices about college now than they ever had before. Online-only institutions are recruiting students through commercials, billboards, and online ads, which means that potential students have so much to think about.

At IUN, we are working diligently on offering more and more online courses to provide more options for students who need that flexibility. In addition, we are offering these courses at a much more competitive cost than online-only institutions.

What also sets IUN apart from other institutions that have online degrees is that we are dedicated to quality courses that are designed by our own faculty members. We are currently developing programs that promote the highest quality in the design of our online courses.  We are also dedicated to training our faculty members so that they will teach online with a high level of excellence. 

Choosing IUN’s online courses will give you a degree with a highly regarded reputation. Your degree will not indicate that you have learned ‘online’. Further, you can be confident that future employers will be impressed with your choice of earning your degree from Indiana University.