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Instructor Name:  Sue Woods
         Phone:  981-5682


See the **Schedule**for
session themes, readings, resources, and all assignment due dates.

Course Description

On completion of this course the student will be able to recognize, define, spell, and pronounce basic key medical terms as they relate to the diagnosis, pathology, and treatment of selected major body systems.

Course Goals and Objectives

Through powerpoints and corresponding textbook material, assignments, review exercises, audiovisual presentations, and supplemental learning experiences (flash cards, practice disk) the learner will:

 1)  Determine the role of prefixes, combining forms, and suffixes in constructing medical terms.

 2)  Acquire an understanding of medical terms by analyzing word meanings utilizing

      guidelines outlined in the text.

 3)  Identify assigned body systems including their major functions, components, and                                    

      combining forms of each.

 4)  Increase their medical vocabulary in order to provide a foundation for entry into a

      health care field.

 5)  Distinguish and translate commonly used abbreviations of the medical language.

Course Materials

Required Text
Ehrlich, Ann and Schroeder, Carol L. (2013).  Medical Terminology for Health Professions, 7th edition.  Clifton Park, NY:  Delmar Cengage Learning

Grading Information

Grades will be determined as shown in the following assignment chart.  Detailed descriptions of assignments are available below and from the assignment links in the chart. Due dates are detailed in the Course Schedule.






Weekly Assignments


Weekly Exams


Final Exam (Cumulative)



                              Total Points




The total points possible may vary according to number of homework assignments and exam values.

Class Policies Regarding Graded Work

**The following policies are in effect for all individual deliverables throughout the semester, unless noted otherwise. **


***IU Northwest Attendance and Course Commitment Policy***

This course has been approved to enforce the IU Northwest Attendance and Course Commitment Policy as a student in this course.

As a student in this course, you are expected to attend scheduled class meetings and actively participate in all class activities. Students who miss the first week of the semester or who do not attend 50% of the scheduled class meetings before the end of the fourth week of the semester may be subject to administrative withdrawal. Regardless of attendance, students who do not actively participate in this class by not submitting a majority of their assignments by the posted due date are subject to administrative withdrawal. Students who are administratively withdrawn from this class after the fourth week will not be eligible for a tuition refund. Administrative withdrawals may have an impact on the student’s financial aid awards and visa status.


***Late Work***


Due dates for all assignments are listed in the schedule.  Late Assignments will not be accepted.

***Original Work***

Honesty is an integral characteristic of a health care professional.  With your decision to enroll in this course, you have committed yourself to this ideal and the defense of the quality as a peer group.  Academic misconduct such as cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, violation of course rules and facilitating academic dishonesty is subject to the disciplinary action as outlined in the Code of Student Ethics Handbook.



From the IU Northwest academic bulletin:


“The grade I may be given only when the work of the course is substantially completed and when the student's work is of a passing quality. When an Incomplete is assigned, a record must be maintained in the department in which the grade was given. The record will include the reason for recording the Incomplete, the course number and hours of credit, the signature of the instructor, and a guide for its removal, with a suggested final grade in the event of the departure or extended absence of the instructor from the campus.

The time allowed for the removal of an Incomplete is one calendar year from the date of its recording, except that the chairperson of the student's division may authorize

adjustment of this period in exceptional circumstances. By assigning an Incomplete, the instructor implicitly authorizes and requires the I to be changed to an F at the end of the appropriate time period, if that instructor does not otherwise act to remove the I. The registrar will automatically change the I to an F at the end of the appropriate time period. A grade of Incomplete may be removed if the student completes the work within the time limit or if the student's chairperson authorizes the change of the Incomplete to W. Students may not reregister in a course in which they have a grade of Incomplete.”


For a student to request an incomplete in a course, there must be exceptional circumstances that would prevent the student from completing the course and all required coursework. It is an instructor’s discretion to grant an incomplete to a student after evaluating the circumstances.


NOTE: The instructor will keep students apprised of assignment grades via the online class Grade book. Students are responsible for contacting the instructor if they do not receive any grade by 10 days after the assignment submission date.




Course Requirements


The ‘forums’ section of oncourse provides an opportunity for introductions and class discussion among classmates and instructors.  During this course, the student will be required to participate in all posted forums to earn a total of 20 points.  This consists of an introduction and answering 3 discussion questions scheduled throughout the semester.  Your answers should be in the range of 100 words.  For each discussion question, you should also respond to 2 other classmates.  Remember, for each question answered, you should post a response to at least 1 peer.  

Requirements For Posts

Points Per Forum Question (5)

Addresses the topic; leads to meaningful & appropriate discussion.


Responded to the discussion question by the due date.


Answers are presented in a professional manner; no grammatical or spelling errors.


Length of post for discussion question should be 75 - 100 words.


Replied to a classmate's post by the due date. (On a different day from your own discussion response)




Assignments located in the Assignments section of oncourse will be worth 5 points for completion each week.  The assignments are not graded.  They should be downloaded and saved to a file in your computer.  At the top of the page, click enable editing.  This will allow you to type directly onto the assignment.  Once the assignment is completed, it should be uploaded as an attachment in the Assignments section of oncourse.  Assignment due dates are located in the schedule.  The practice questions listed in the presentations can be found at the back of each chapter in the textbook.  There are no points assigned for completing these questions.  This additional work has been selected to benefit the student.  It is highly recommended that the student complete all of the assignments.  Repetition is the key to success in Medical Terminology. 


Examinations will be administered in the test and survey section of oncourse. The student will have 7 days to complete the test for the chapters that have been scheduled for the week.  The student is only allowed to receive the exam once, and a time period of no more than 30 minutes will be allowed for each exam.  Oncourse provides the instructor with a log of all activity that has occurred within the test and survey tool. Exams will be monitored through this log.  If the activity log notes that you have received the test more than once, you will receive a grade of “0” for that particular exam.  If the previously described situation should arise on another exam, the student will receive a grade of “F” for the course.  Do not try to access the test unless you are ready to actually take it.  Once you open the test, you must take it!  Time limit settings in the testing site are enforced.  If you have not submitted your exam within 30 minutes, the test will time out and automatic submission will occur.  There will not be an opportunity to retake the test.  Please, be careful!

The final examination will be administered on campus in a computer classroom.  The time and location is listed in the schedule.  If it is necessary for the student to be absent on the day the final exam is scheduled, the student must notify the instructor PRIOR to the scheduled time of the exam.  Consideration to complete the exam will only be given when the absenteeism is of a serious medical or personal nature with documentation.  Scheduling a make-up exam will be at the discretion of the instructor.

Students should log-in to the course at least 4 times per week to successfully complete all required work. 

**All due dates are noted in the Schedule.**


IU Academic Policies

This course is governed by IU academic policies in the following areas:

  • Grading Guidelines
  • Writing Standards
  • Academic Integrity and Plagiarism
  • Course Evaluations
  • Students With Disabilities



Assignments, forums, and examinations will be graded on a point system with an accumulating point total. The course grade is based on the number of points the student has achieved divided by the total number of points available.


A+        (4.0)                  =          99.00-100

A          (4.0)                  =          94.00-98.99

A-         (3.7)                  =          93.00-93.99

B+        (3.3)                  =          92.00-92.99

B          (3.0)                  =          86.00-91.99

B-         (2.7)                  =          85.00-85.99

C+        (2.3)                  =          84.00-84.99

C          (2.0)                  =          78.00-83.99

C-         (1.7)                  =          77.00-77.99

D+        (1.3)                  =          76.00-76.99

D          (1.0)                  =          71.00-75.99

D-         (.7)                   =          70.00-70.99

F          (0.0)                  =          0.00-69.99



RADS R185 – MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY (l credit hour)

RADS R185 is a core course for Radiologic Sciences.  A minimum grade of “C" (78%) is required. 

Additional Information


The home page of Oncourse has links, video tutorials and several tips and updates to help you navigate the website. IU has prepared a reference page containing links to information about a variety of resources to help you function successfully in your online Oncourse class.

Right to Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities

Indiana University is committed to creating a learning environment and academic community that promotes educational opportunities for all individuals, including those with disabilities. Course directors are asked to make reasonable accommodations, upon request by the student or the university, for such disabilities. It is the responsibility of students with documented physical or learning disabilities seeking accommodation to notify their course directors and the relevant campus office that deals with such cases in a timely manner concerning the need for such accommodation. Indiana University will make reasonable accommodations for access to programs, services, and facilities as outlined by applicable state and federal laws.

Campus support office:

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