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Online Course Syllabus

CSCI A106 Introduction to Computing



Diane M. Larson



(219) 980-6758


Hawthorn Hall 327

Course Description

Bulletin: CSCI–A 106 Introduction to Computing (3 cr.) P: ENG-W 031 or equivalent and MATH-M 007 or equivalent The use of computers in everyday activities. How computers work; use of packaged programs for word processing, spreadsheets, file management, communication, graphics, etc. Lecture and laboratory. No credit given for both CSCI-A 106 and BUS-K 201 or CSCI-A 200. (Fall, Spring, Summer I, Summer II)

This online course is an introductory course that covers Microsoft® Office applications. Students will learn the most important topics of Microsoft® Office suite. In addition, students learn an overview of the Microsoft® Windows operating system. Once students are familiar with the operating system and file management, topics then include brief email basics and Internet browsing skills. The majority of the course entails learning the basic Office programs which include Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Students also learn how to integrate these applications. This course is designed to give students a hands-on approach to microcomputer applications. 

IU Northwest Attendance and Course Commitment Policy

This course has been approved to enforce the IU Northwest Attendance and Course Commitment Policy and the full text of this policy is available at

As a student in this course, you are expected to attend scheduled class meetings and actively participate in all class activities. Students who miss the first week of the semester or who do not attend 50% of the scheduled class meetings before the end of the fourth week of the semester may be subject to administrative withdrawal. Regardless of attendance, students who do not actively participate in this class by not submitting a majority of their assignments by the posted due date are subject to administrative withdrawal. Students who are administratively withdrawn from this class after the fourth week will not be eligible for a tuition refund. Administrative withdrawals may have an impact on the student’s financial aid awards and visa status. 


IU FLAGS (Student Performance Early Alert System)


This semester I will be using IU’s Early Alert System to provide real-time feedback on your performance in this course. I will be entering data on factors such as your class attendance, participation, and success with coursework, among other things. This information will provide feedback on how you are faring in the course and offer you suggestions on how you might be able to improve your performance. You will be able to access this information in the student center: OneStart > Student Services page > Student Center > My Academics and Grades > My Grades. If there is no entry, then no concerns have been reported about your academic performance.





Course Goals and Objectives

Key instructional objectives for this online course include:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in utilizing and integrating business-oriented computer application software programs such as Microsoft® Office with Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in utilizing the basic computer skills required for Microsoft® Windows operating system such as file management.
  • Demonstrate an ability to navigate and utilize the Internet (World Wide Web) as both an educational and career-related tool.

Course Materials

Required Text


New Perspectives on Microsoft Office 2010, First Course. Course Technology; 2011.  ISBN-13: 9780538746533 

SAM 2010 Assessment, Training, and Projects version 2.0 Printed Access Card, 1st Edition.  Course Technology; 2012.  ISBN-13: 9781111667375

Video Companion DVD (ISBN-10: 1111820988 | ISBN-13: 9781111820985)

The DVD in this package gives you access to a suite of engaging videos that correlate directly to your New Perspectives on Microsoft Office 2010, First Course text. Packaged together with the New Perspectives on Microsoft Office 2010 book, this Video Companion can improve skill retention by providing audio-visual reinforcement to the concepts and skills covered in the text. Addressing the most important and challenging skills covered within the textbook, the videos show Office 2010 in action. The videos appeal to all types of learners and ensure that students get the help they need inside or outside of class.

NOTE: Course materials will be bundled through IU Northwest bookstore with ISBN 978-0495-96422-3

If students purchased textbook elsewhere and need to purchase the SAM2010 access code instantly through the Internet students must go to the publisher’s website. and purchase the Instant Access Code rather than the Printed Access Code.

SAM 2010 Assessment, Training, and Projects v2.0 Instant Access Code, 1st Edition
Course Technology
ISBN-13: 9781111669362
© 2012 | Published

The institution key is T2015760 for SAM2010. Students will use this 8-digit institution key for registering with SAM2010. The website for SAM2010 is


Flash Stick-USB

Grading Information

The final grade for this course will be based on:









There will be several Exams throughout the course period.   The Exams will be scheduled. 

Grades will be posted on OnCourse under the Gradebook. The student can see at all times his/her assignment and exam scores. Student’s percentage will be shown for the course grade through OnCourse. Use the following table to determine the grade based on the grading scale.

Grades will be based on the following scale:

A+ (97% +)

B+ (87% - 89%)

C+ (77% - 79%)

D+ (67% - 69%)

F (59% - below)

A   (93% - 96%)

B   (83% - 86%)

C   (73% - 76%)

D   (63% - 66%)

A-  (90% - 92%)

B- ( 80% - 82%)

C-  (70% - 72%)

D-  (60% - 62%)

(Note:  Rounding may occur between letter grades down to the XX.500% level: 89.499% is a B+, 89.500% is an A-.  Rounding may occur within a letter grade: 86.499% is a B.  86.500% is a B+.)

Class Policies Regarding Graded Work and Exams

See the **Course Schedule**for weekly sessions, readings, resources, and all assignment due dates.

The following policies are in effect for student deliverables throughout the semester, unless noted otherwise.

*** Submitting Work and Exams***


All assignments/labs/forum discussions will be done through Oncourse.

Submit all individual assignments/labs through the Assignments link in Oncourse.


Forum discussions are due during the time frame designated for the discussion period. Late forum discussion board postings will not be accepted.


Exams will be administered through SAM.


Students are responsible for taking exams on the scheduled exam day. Arrangements may be made for taking an exam early.

In the rare occurrence when extenuating circumstances prevents a student from taking an exam or meeting a deadline,the student is responsible for contacting the instructor immediately! Approval of a make-up exam will be at the discretion of the instructor but only for reasons relating to illness or accident which have been validated. Upon receipt of appropriate written documentation of the specific circumstances by the attending physician, police officer, etc., the instructor will arrange with the student for a make-up exam or extended deadline if necessary.

***Late Work***

Students are expected to turn in assignments on time. No assignments will be accepted by email. If you do email an assignment, the instructor will not grade it. All assignments are submitted via OnCourse’s “Assignments” function. Assignment due dates are not negotiable.


Late Submission Policy:

All assignments have a deadline. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS are accepted for this online course. Assignments are due according to the schedule on this syllabus. Do not ask for special exception for assignments being turned in late.

Due Dates. Due dates will be very strictly enforced, unless an extension is granted to all students. Any lab turned in after a due date will NOT be accepted and will receive a grade of zero (0). If you become sick or a family emergency arises and you are unable to turn in your assignments on time, please inform the instructor as soon as possible and an extension may be given to you. However, written documented proof will be needed for such excuses. It is highly recommended to start working on coursework as soon as it is assigned. Information on what is due is available on the syllabus weekly schedule.

***Original Work***

Students are expected to perform and complete individual assignments on your own. Absolutely NO copying or cheating on assignments will be tolerated within this class. Any student discovered cheating (copying files, committing plagiarism, etc.) will receive a zero for that assignment, and will be reported to the Dean of his/her division.  If more than one student is involved in the incident, s/he will receive the same punishment.


Academic Misconduct (Cheating, Fabrication, Plagiarism, Interference, Violation of Course Rules, Facilitating Academic Dishonesty)

Personal Misconduct on Campus (The university may discipline a student acts of personal misconduct that occur on university property)


Incompletes will be granted only in extreme circumstances, not for work-related deadlines, prior personal commitments, or falling behind in readings or assignments.

Incomplete Grades (see IU’s policy on Incomplete Grades below)

The grade of I (Incomplete) indicates that the student has satisfactorily completed the major portion of a course but is prevented by extraordinary circumstances from completing the balance of the course. The grade of I will be given only if the instructor has sufficient reason to believe that the failure to complete the requirements of the course was beyond the student’s control and that it would be unjust to hold the student to the time limits normally fixed for completion of the required assignments. The grade of I will not be awarded simply to exempt a student from paying tuition for a repeated course.

NOTE: The instructor will keep students apprised of assignment grades via the online class Grade book. Students are responsible for contacting the instructor if they do not receive any grade by 10 days after the assignment submission date.




Computer Technology Needs


  • Should your personal computer system or network go down at home or work, you must still turn in your work by the due date. Students need to plan ahead by seeking alternative means for submitting coursework (by the due date) if a student’s home computer malfunctions. IU Northwest can serve as an alternative location for doing your assignments. Not having access to the required software on your home or work computer is not a legitimate excuse for turning in coursework late. Don’t wait until the last minute to do your assignments. Start your coursework early in the week in case a situation occurs. It is not an excuse if your Internet service is disrupted during the semester. It is your responsibility to assure that your course work is submitted to your instructor on time. If you lose Internet Service, you can always use a computer at IU Northwest.
  • Important - plan ahead. Your coursework must be completed on time.  Have a plan for an alternate location to work, in case you have computer or internet problems.  Your computer being down or your Internet service being disrupted is not an excuse for late work. 

Student Technology Labs


Students must have a valid IU Northwest email and password to LOGIN any computer on campus! Each lab has its open lab times posted outside of its door. The website for student technology open labs:

If you are a returning student and once had an account (roughly within the last two years) but have forgotten your password, etc., stop in at the IU Northwest IT Help Desk in Hawthorn 108 with a photo ID and the technician on duty will be able to assist you. Please make sure to bring your photo ID because IU Northwest cannot do anything without confirming identity through your Photo ID.


Computer Information Systems Tutors

If you need additional help outside of class, CIS has tutors located in HH320. Hours are posted outside HH320.

Microsoft® Software (Windows 7 and Office 2010)

Windows 7 & Office 2010 may be purchased from the IU Northwest bookstore under the Indiana University/Microsoft® agreement. Students can also download software from for free.

Additional Information

Successful Study Using Oncourse

The home page of Oncourse has links, video tutorials and several tips and updates to help you navigate the website. IU has prepared a reference page containing links to information about a variety of resources to help you function successfully in your online Oncourse class. 


Right to Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities

Indiana University is committed to creating a learning environment and academic community that promotes educational opportunities for all individuals, including those with disabilities. Course directors are asked to make reasonable accommodations, upon request by the student or the university, for such disabilities. It is the responsibility of students with documented physical or learning disabilities seeking accommodation to notify their course directors and the relevant campus office that deals with such cases in a timely manner concerning the need for such accommodation. Indiana University will make reasonable accommodations for access to programs, services, and facilities as outlined by applicable state and federal laws.

Campus support office:

Indiana University Northwest complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American with Disabilities Act of 1990. Disability Services Coordinator is located in Hawthorn Hall 239.


If you need assistance with learning, physical or psychological disability that may affect your academic progress, you are encouraged to contact the Disability Services Coordinator at 219-980-6798. 


If you need assistance with learning, physical or psychological disability that may affect your academic progress, you are encouraged to contact Student Services at 219-980-6702.

Student Support Services