Indiana University Northwest

CHHS H344 Syllabus



DHYG H344 Senior Hygiene Seminar

Spring Semester


C O U R S E   S Y L L A B U S


Professor:                Donna S. Krause, CDA, LDH, MPA

                                    Clinical Associate Professor

Office Phone:          (219) 980-6752

E-mail:             , please contact me through OnCourse!

Office Hours:           If you need to see me we can make special arrangements.   

Course Description:

H344 Senior Hygiene Seminar is an online course that provides a comprehensive review of material including case based study questions relative to the dental hygiene national and regional board examinations with emphasis on format and test taking strategies.  Guidance will be given for the appropriate procedures necessary for completing the online application process for the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE) and the Northeast Regional Board Examination (NERB).  This course will also help prepare the student for the Indiana State Board of Dentistry licensing application for dental hygiene, law examination, and the dental hygiene local anesthesia permit.

Required Course Materials:

Mosby’s Comprehensive Review of Dental Hygiene, 7th Edition, by Michele Leonardi Darby, 2012. 

Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist, 10th Edition, by Esther M. Wilkins, 2009.

Supplemental Course Materials:

All IUN dental hygiene curriculum textbooks and course materials.

Course Goals and Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Properly complete the online application and submit appropriate fee for the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE).
  2. Understand the testing format of the computer-based examination of the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE).
  1. Schedule a testing date for the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE) through Pearson VUE.
  1. Properly complete the online application and submit appropriate fee by the stated deadline for the Northeast Regional Board Examination (NERB).
  1. Schedule a testing date/time for the computer-based NERB Examination through the Prometric Center.
  1. Secure a clinical patient that meets the stated requirements for the Northeast Regional Board (NERB) Clinical Examination.
  1. Complete and submit assignments through the “Assignments” tool in OnCourse.
  1. Complete all quizzes through the “Tests & Surveys” tool in OnCourse.
  1. Prepare for and participate in the Senior Hygiene Seminar class Discussion Questions (DQ’s).  Please respond to the DQ’s through the “Forums” tool in OnCourse.
  1. Complete and submit a detailed cover letter and resume through the

“Assignments” tool in OnCourse.

Course Policies:  


This course is an online course. It is expected that all registered students in the class will participate in online discussions and submit all required materials on time.

Students’ grades will be calculated based on a variety of measures including, online participation, quizzes, and assignments. Throughout the semester, discussion questions (DQ’s) will be posted online in OnCourse and all students are expected to respond to them within that week. Failure to respond will result in zero points for that component of the course grade; there are NO MAKE UPS for missed discussion questions. See the section on Online Discussion Grading Rubric Guidelines for specific details on how you will be graded on your discussions questions.

Measurement and Evaluation of Student Achievement:


Grades for the course will be on a points over points system.  The final letter grade will be calculated from points received on quizzes, discussion questions, and assignments. There will be no extra credit given in the class and the final grades will not be curved. Grades are derived from the following grading scale:

         A+     100%                            A         99% - 96%    A-        95%   

            B+     94%                              B         93% - 89%                 B-        88%

            C+     87%                              C         86% - 78%                 C-        77%

            D+     76%                              D         75% - 71%                 D-        70%

            69% and below = F     

            Students must receive a “C” (78%) or higher to avoid repeating the course.


Course Grading:


Your points for assignments, discussion questions, and quizzes will be posted in the Gradebook in OnCourse. You can calculate your grade percentage any time by adding your total points possible and dividing that number by the overall total points possible (do not add points for weeks we have not covered yet, only the weeks that have been completed). It is your responsibility to monitor your points/grade in the course. If you see something that looks like an error, e-mail me immediately so that I can review it.  OnCourse keeps track of when you’ve logged in and when you have taken quizzes and participated in other activities so I can see what you have done or have not done for the course. If the system does not report your assignment as turned in, I go by the system log and assign zero points for the assignment/quiz/discussion question. If you think you had a problem with submitting an assignment or a quiz, contact me immediately. Please don’t wait until the end of the semester to tell me that you submitted something and there was a problem. I will need to know by the end of the following week at the very latest.



Quizzes will consist of multiple choice and true/false questions and will cover material from both the assignments and class topic activities. Students are responsible for all the material listed in the learning objectives. Each quiz will consist of 10 questions (10 points/Quiz) and will cover the chapters and assignments stated in the Course Schedule. You will be allowed to reference your textbook on the quizzes. Quizzes are listed under the “Tests & Surveys” tool. Students will have until midnight on each Sunday to complete and submit the quiz. Failure to take the quiz during the scheduled week will result in a zero for that quiz. There are no make-ups for the quizzes. Forgetting to take a quiz is not a valid excuse.

If you are having technical trouble and can’t access OnCourse to take a quiz, please contact the IUN Help Desk at (219) 980-4357.  Students can contact me during the day at my office phone or send me an e-mail of your situation.

If a student cannot access the Internet at home, there are other locations that the student should have as a backup, such as IUN, a public library or a friend or relative who has Internet access. Have a backup plan in place when your computer is not working. If the entire IUN website is down due technical problems I will not count this against you and will make arrangements as needed. However, please don’t wait until the final hour to complete your assignments…problems can arise!



Weekly Assignments:


  1. Discussion Questions (DQ’s):  Throughout the semester, (not every week) I will post a discussion question (DQ) in the “Forums” tool of OnCourse.  You will have until the end of the week on Sunday at midnight to submit your responses to the discussion question. You must answer the discussion question to earn discussion points. Each discussion question is worth three points (3 points).  Failure to answer discussion questions will result in a zero. All assignment due dates are posted in the Course Schedule as the last day of that week (Sunday) at midnight. No late assignments will be accepted after the due date.
  1. Chapter Review Questions:  Complete ALL the chapter Review Questions for the chapter(s) assigned for that particular week.  Please submit your answers through the “Assignments” tool in OnCourse.  Do Not send as an attachment!  The points for the Review Questions will vary depending on the chapter.  Each question is worth one (1) point and each chapter contains between 50-86 questions. 
  1. Quizzes:  Complete the quizzes in the “Tests and Surveys” tool in OnCourse.  Each question is worth one (1) point for a total of ten (10) points/quiz.
  1. Resume & Cover Letter:  Complete and submit through the “Assignments” tool in OnCourse.


Attendance Policy:  


Attendance is not taken in an online class but participation in discussion questions is expected. If you do not participate in the stated discussions, you will not receive points for discussion that week.

Academic Integrity:

In a commitment to the highest standards of academic integrity in accordance with University guidelines, I will take action against any student who engages in cheating, plagiarism, misrepresentation, fraud, or other dishonest conduct. Cheating and plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated. Students who are caught cheating or plagiarizing will receive a failing grade for the course and will be reported to the Dean of Students. Students are required to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner according to the College of Health & Human Services (CHHS) as well as the policies outlined in the IUN Student’s Rights and Responsibilities.


Student Conduct:


While we will not be meeting face-to-face, all students are expected to maintain an informal classroom atmosphere with plenty of discussion. I ask that everyone respect all classmates’ opinions/ posts and maintain a professional tone at all times. Please be polite to avoid misunderstandings and respectful of other classmates’ opinions even if they are very different from your own. If you have a concern or issue with a fellow class member, please contact me right away; do not have a confrontation online.




Indiana University is committed to creating a learning environment and academic community that promotes educational opportunities for all individuals, including those with disabilities. Course directors are asked to make reasonable accommodations, upon request by the student or the university, for such disabilities. It is the responsibility of students with documented physical or learning disabilities seeking accommodation to notify their course directors and the relevant campus office that deals with such cases in a timely manner concerning the need for such accommodations. Indiana University will make reasonable accommodations for access to programs, services, and facilities as outlined by applicable state and federal laws.

Campus Support Office:  

Davetta Haywood, Disabilities Coordinator

Hawthorn Hall 237

(219) 980-6942




Online Discussion Grading Rubric Guidelines


Class participation is an important expectation of this course. Students are expected to offer comments, questions, and replies to the discussion question that has been posed as well as to classmates’ postings. Students are expected to actively participate in EACH discussion question throughout the semester. My role is as an observer and facilitator; I will not be lecturing. I will be facilitating discussions about assigned readings and topics.  I will read all messages and provide feedback for your discussion posts and assignments.

Evaluation of Discussion Questions:


  Students are expected to post meaningful and thorough comments to the discussion questions and are encouraged to post responses to other student’s comments.  Comments such as “I agree with your point” are not considered thorough comments.

  Student posts should be well thought out and have correct grammar and spelling.

  Please do not use “text message” grammar and abbreviations in any posting.

  Postings will be evaluated on the quality of the postings and the degree that the postings promote discussion with classmates.

The following points are what I look for in your original postings to the Discussion Questions (DQ’s).  A maximum of three (3) points is awarded for each Discussion Question (DQ).


Zero (0) Points

1 Point

2 Points

3 Points

Student did not post a response to the discussion question this week OR the student plagiarized another student’s posting OR plagiarized from the reading OR Used “text message” grammar.

Minimum response to the discussion question.  Mentions at least 2 specific points to the reading or chapter. Length of discussion is a few sentences. Discussion was not posted with ample time for others to read and respond (posted on the last day it was due).

Posting may be off topic.

Mentions at least 2 specific points to the reading or chapter. Includes details. Relates the material to personal or real world experience. Discussion was posted with ample time for others to read and respond (not on the last day it was due).

Mentions at least 2 specific points to the reading or chapter. Lots of details. Relates the material to personal or real world experience. Discussion was posted with ample time for others to read and respond (not on the last day it was due).

Discussion is more than recitation of facts from the reading.