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M118-Finite Mathematics


Instructor Name: Vesna Kilibarda, Ph.D.
Phone: (219)980-6591

Skype name: M118S2013


See the **Course Guide/Schedule**for
readings, resources, and all assignment due dates.

Course Description

M118 Finite Mathematics class develops and utilizes concepts from probability, linear algebra and optimization to solve problems in business and the social sciences. Topics include set theory, linear systems, matrices, determinants, probability, and linear programming.

Course Goals and Objectives

The main goal is to develop the competency of mathematical problem solving in business and social sciences. Upon successfully finishing this course, you will be able to:

A)    Read and understand various quantitative studies performed in your fields.

B)    Analyze problems and use proper procedures and formulae to solve problems in your fields

C)     Use the knowledge gained to become better consumers and citizens.

 Here are a few examples of problems that you will understand:

Cost Control An appliance repair shop has 5 vacuum cleaners, 12 TV sets, and 18 VCRs to be repaired. The store employs two part-time repairmen. One repairman can repair one vacuum cleaner, two TV sets and six VCRs in 1 week, while the second repairmen can repair one vacuum cleaner, two TV sets and six VCRs in one week. The first employee is paid $250 a week and the second employee is paid $220 a week. To minimize the cost, how many weeks should each of the two repairmen be employed?

Family What is the probability that a family with exactly 4 children will have the same number of boys and girls?

SportsIn a track contest the odds that A will win are 1 to 2, and the odds that B will win are 2 to 3. Find the probability that A or B wins the race, assuming a tie is impossible.

Course Materials  

Required E-Text
MyMathLab e-book: Finite Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences and Social Sciences 12/e, by Barnett/Ziegler/Byleen

Recommended Text

Finite Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences and Social Sciences 12/e, by Barnett/Ziegler/Byleen with MyMathLab access kit  ISBN: 9780321709035

Course Topics 

Chapter 4: Systems of Linear Equations; Matrices
Chapter 5: Linear Inequalities and Linear Programming
Chapter 6: Linear Programming: The Simplex Method
Chapter 7: Sets, and Counting
Chapter 8: Probability

Chapter 9: Markov Chains
Chapter 11: Binomial Distributions

Grading Information 

Grades will be determined based on the percentages shown in the following assignment chart.  More detailed descriptions of assignments are available below. Due dates are detailed in the Course Guide/Schedule.


of Grade


Individual class participation


Homework Problems




Midterm examination


Excel Group projects


Final examination







Class Policies Regarding Graded Work 

**The following policies are in effect for all individual deliverables throughout the semester, unless noted otherwise. **


***Late Work***


All submission times are 10:59 p.m. CST, unless stated otherwise.

All late submissions lose 50% of available points after the due date. The only way to receive full credit after the due date is a documented emergency. Notes from parents, spouses, or friends do not count.

***Original Work***

All weekly assignments and all other graded work must be entirely each student's own work and original for this course. Work prepared for other courses or use of material created by other people is prohibited and can result in a grade of zero for an assignment and/or course failure. 



The grade of I (Incomplete) indicates that the student has satisfactorily completed the major portion of a course but is prevented by extraordinary circumstances from completing the balance of the course. The grade of I will be given only if the instructor has sufficient reason to believe that the failure to complete the requirements of the course was beyond the student’s control and that it would be unjust to hold the student to the time limits normally fixed for completion of the required assignments.

NOTE: The instructor will keep students apprised of assignment grades via the ONCOURSE Gradebook. Students are responsible for contacting the instructor if they do not receive any grade by 10 days after the assignment submission date.





Course Requirements

**All due dates are noted in the Course Guide/Schedule.**

Individual Class Participation (10% of course grade) consists of your activity in the four threads of the Forum in OnCourse. You are required to respond to each one and comment on at least one peer post in each thread by the due dates posted.

Homework (20% of course grade) is a must for you to achieve success in this class. Prior to attempting homework in MyMathLab read each section carefully. Follow by reviewing corresponding class notes and work as many exercises as you can.  You will have a three tries for every homework assignment and only the best one will count toward the homework grade. The recommended steps for homework and class success are:

1)  Register in MyMathLab by following Student_Enrolment_Instructions posted in the Syllabus tab of OnCourse.

2)  Open the current homework and obtain a Printout if available.

3)  Have a copy of class notes and text available for review or read the e-textbook in Textbook tab

4) Keep a notebook in which you will show all the steps similar to steps shown in the textbook or notes.  Attempt the homework. If having difficulty click on Help me Solve This, View an Example, Video, or Ask my Instructor.  The notebook and/or the textbook (paper copy) will be a necessity when you take the Midterm and Final Exams.

Quizzes (10% of course grade) in MyMathLab will be timed and with only one attempt.  Each one will be preceded with a timed, one-attempt practice quiz.

Midterm Exam (25% of course grade) in MyMathLab will be timed and with only one attempt.  It will be preceded with a timed, one-attempt practice Midterm Exam. This is not proctored exam. A partial credit will be given on this exam.

Excel Group Project (10% of course grade) detailed explanations will be posted in Assignments of OnCourse. We will determine groups by the end of the week seven.

Final Exam (25% of course grade) in MyMathLab will be timed and with only one attempt.  It will be preceded with a timed, one-attempt practice Final Exam. A partial credit will be given on this exam. This is a proctored exam to be taken during final week in a computer classroom on campus. Room TBA.



A scientific or graphing calculator is required and should be used while doing homework and exams.  You may rent a graphing calculator in the IU Northwest library. We will also use Microsoft Office Excel to learn how to perform basic matrix operations.  Microsoft Office 2010 is available free for download for IU students at You are responsible to find alternate computer if your computer malfunctions.



IU Academic Policies 

This course is governed by IU academic policies in the following areas:

  • Grading Guidelines
  • Writing Standards
  • Academic Integrity and Plagiarism
  • Course Evaluations
  • Students With Disabilities



As a student in this course, you are expected to attend scheduled class meetings and actively participate in all class activities.  Students who miss the first week of the semester or who do not attend 50% of the scheduled class meetings before the end of the fourth week of the semester may be subject to administrative withdrawal.  Regardless of attendance, students who do not actively participate in this class by not submitting a majority of their assignments by the posted due date are subject to administrative withdrawal.  Students who are administratively withdrawn from this class after the fourth week will not be eligible for a tuition refund.  Administrative withdrawals may have an impact on the student’s financial aid awards and visa status.



Periodically throughout the semester I will enter data on factors such as your class attendance, participation, and success with coursework, among other things into IU Flag system. You will be able to access this information in the student center: Onestart > Student Services > Student Center > My Academics and Grades > My Grades. 


[90-100]          percentage                   A

[80-90)            percentage                   B

[70-80)            percentage                   C

[60-70)            percentage                   D

[0-60)             percentage                   F
I = Incomplete
W = Withdrew


NOTE: Grades for all assignments will be posted in  Gradebook of OnCourse. Students are responsible for contacting me if they do not receive any grade by 10 days after the assignment submission date.


Additional Information 


The home page of Oncourse has links, video tutorials and several tips and updates to help you navigate the website. IU has prepared a reference page containing links to information about a variety of resources to help you function successfully in your online Oncourse class.

Right to Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities

If you have a documented disability and need assistance, special arrangements can be made to accommodate most needs. Visit Student Support Services   (HH239, 980-6798) for more information.




The Math Lab is located in HH436. Students may receive drop-in tutoring. This is an excellent place to get help or find classmates for group sessions. Hours for the MATH LAB are:

MTWR 10:00A—6:00P

S              10:00A—3:00P




SI assistant is assigned for this class.  He will be available in SI Forum in OnCourse and on campus. He will contact you through e-mail to schedule a set time for these optional campus sessions.