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Online Education - Online Student at the library

Taking tests online is a bit different from taking a test in the classroom. Here is some information to prepare you for that change.

How to take a linear test in OnCourse (tests that don’t allow you to go back to other questions)

How to take a non-linear tests in OnCourse (tests that allow you to go back and forth through questions):

You need to realize that taking an exam online is not an open invitation to be, well, sneaky and unethical.  Instructors are smart people and will be quick to recognize cheating.  Granted, they are not there to watch you take the exam, but you will take a risk if you decide to be dishonest about how the exam is taken.

Some instructors might even require you to come to campus for tests to verify your identity and to make sure you are taking the exam without the help of any materials other than your brain.

If you do take it online, though, you should be sure to have a reliable computer with a reliable internet connection. Don’t try to take an exam on an old laptop in the airport or while riding in a car.

Do not attempt to take the test with another online student. More than likely your instructor has the test questions randomized and pulled from a question pool. You may not have the same questions.

Study!  A test is a test. You need to study and know the material to do well. This is what you’re paying tuition for… to learn and get a job one day to better your life. Don’t cheat yourself. Give your studies some time.

If you have a problem, communicate with your instructor. If you are confused after you take the exam, contact that person. Perhaps after all exams are turned in he or she could clear up confusion for you.