IU Northwest Online Education

Supplemental Instruction

Mission Statement

Supplemental Instruction (SI) promotes an active learning environment for students through peer-led study sessions. Through SI, students gain the skills necessary for future academic success.

What is SI?

Supplemental Instruction is an opportunity for you to take an active role in your learning experience. SI sessions are offered for historically difficult courses at IU Northwest and facilitated by SI leaders, students who have successfully completed the course and have been recommended by their professor. These sessions provide an interactive learning environment organized for students enrolled in SI designated courses. ALL students in the class are encouraged to attend SI sessions. SI leaders are not tutors and they don't re-lecture. Instead, they help students put course material into perspective, so you can learn it more efficiently while developing critical thinking skills. On the first day of class you may be asked to complete a short survey that will let the SI leader know what times work best for you. With regular attendance at SI sessions, you will develop a deeper understanding of course content and you'll learn effective study habits that you can transfer to your other courses. Plus, statistics have shown that students attending SI on a regular basis often improve their overall course grade and you can too! Best of all, SI is a free service open to ALL students.

For you the student, it is a chance to:

  • Test yourself before the professor does!
  • Compare notes from readings and lecture
  • Discuss important concepts
  • Develop strategies for studying a subject
  • Work together with other students to answer each other's questions
  • Learn to take control of your education.

For more information about SI please contact us at 219-981-4296.