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Online Education - Online Student at the library

Here are some helpful tips to help you with your online course(s). 

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    How to submit an assignment video:

    When you take an online class, you are going to, without a doubt, be asked to submit assignments. Since the course is online, more than likely your instructor will provide you with a place to submit your assignments, such as through the Assignments 2 link. 

  • Communicating

    The majority of classes that are taught online are going to require your regular participation. If you are used to walking into class,sitting in the back, popping in your ear buds or texting your friends, you can do that, but you will still be responsible to participate during the week.  You might be asked to post answers to questions in the discussion forums and you might even have to work in virtual groups.

    One of the biggest, if not the biggest adjustment for students when they take online classes is the collaborationabsence of their instructor and classmates.

    All of your communicating will be done by typing on your keyboard, so you need to be especially aware of what you say (type) and how you say it, which includes discussion boards and email.


  • Tests

    Taking tests online is a bit different from taking a test in the classroom. Here is some information to prepare you for that change.

    How to take a linear test in OnCourse (tests that don’t allow you to go back to other questions)

    How to take a non-linear tests in OnCourse (tests that allow you to go back and forth through questions):

    You need to realize that taking an exam online is not an open invitation to be, well, sneaky and unethical.  Instructors are smart people and will be quick to recognize cheating.  Granted, they are not there to watch you take the exam, but you will take a risk if you decide to be dishonest about how the exam is taken.


  • deadline iconTime Management

    Being a good time manager will make or break your success in an online course.  It is so easy to ‘forget’ about your course if you are not required to be in any one location at any time during the week. However, if you are someone who is busy, or who is frequently distracted from schoolwork by other obligations or social situations, then you need to learn how to manage your time.

    Online courses require time.  Usually you’ll have at least one assignment and one activity to do per week.  Sometimes you will have discussion responses due by mid week.  What that means is that you need to schedule time for your online class just like you would if you had to be in an on campus class.

  • 1. For help with OnCourse, contact the IU Northwest Support Center for assistance.
    2. Academic Student Support Services and ADA information:

  • Indiana University - University Information Technology Services provides these helpful tools to support your learning.  Click on the red links below to access them.  Some packages are available at minimal or no cost.

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