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Online Education image - online student at the library

When you take an online class, you are going to, without a doubt, be asked to submit assignments. Since the course is online, more than likely your instructor will provide you with a place to submit your assignments, such as through the Assignments 2 link. A video for how to do that is above.

Some things to keep in mind to be successful with completing online assignments:

1. READ EVERYTHING.  That was capitalized for emphasis. Your instructor should provide you with details about your assignments. The details should include how many pages, what you are expected to do, how to format the assignment, when it’s due, and other variables that are important.  Read whatever you are provided so you know what to do.

2. Look for rubrics.  Hopefully your instructor provided a grading rubric or grading criteria so you know what to do to earn an A on that assignment. If no criteria are provided, you should ask your instructor if he or she could provide that.

3. Do not procrastinate.  I know that is difficult, but if you put off doing your assignments, something could come up that affects your ability to turn in your work on time. Just because the class is online doesn’t mean you can turn in work whenever you want. That is absolutely not true.

4. Honor due dates. That speaks for itself. Many instructors might not accept late work, so don’t expect that they will.

5. Proofread.  Microsoft Word has a great built-in grammar and spell checker. Use them! Red underlined words are typically spelled wrong and green underlined areas might have grammar errors. Right click on them to see what is suggested.  Read your papers out loud or have someone else read them out loud to you. You will catch problems better that way.

6. Use Microsoft Word.  If your computer has Microsoft Works, which many of them have as the standard program, you do need to get Microsoft Word.  Make sure to read the syllabus to find out if your instructor prefers your assignments done in a specific format or program.

7. Be patient.  Instructors who teach online are not available 24 hours a day 7 day a week. It’s not Taco Bell or 7-Eleven.  Give them time to grade. You should expect a grade within about a week of submitting an assignment.