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Staying Organized

A helpful way to keep motivated and focused while taking online courses is to stay organized! When you choose to learn from home it can be difficult to balance home and school work. Here are three ways to stay organized:

1. Schedule a specific time, one to two days a week, where you can check your online courses for updates on assignments, messages, and forums. It is very easy to fall behind if you do not check in regularly.

2. Create a space as your study area. Whether it be at the library, in your bedroom, a cafe, your office, or just a desk in the family room. It is important to have a dedicated space with few distractions and that will motivate you to get work done.

3. Keep an assignment planner or notebook. Make sure to take note on all assignments and their due dates. It is very easy to forget deadlines if you do not keep track and write them down. For big assignments and papers make smaller personal deadlines to get portions of the assignment done. This can prevent procrastination and last minute cramming and "pulling all-nighters."