Teaching Resources - Groups (cont.)

6. Consider assigning a project that would have enough parts for each student to have a distinct ‘part’ to the whole.

7. Do NOT give every student the same grade and make sure students know that in advance.

8. Monitor the groups. Use the OnCourse group pages or, even better, use a site like and add it to your navigation bar using ‘Web Content’. You create the groups in advance and add students to their groups (you’ll always be a member).

9. Require that students evaluate themselves AND each other when the assignment is turned in. I used something really short, like give each student a rating from 1 (horrible) to 10 (the best) and a short rationale, including yourself.  I did use these ratings to determine the final grade for each student on that project.

10.  Give them enough time to complete the project. Be reasonable about that.

Enjoy! This could really be fun, especially if the project is interesting, active, and focused on real-world skills that they will use in their futures.