IU Northwest Online Education

Oncourse Basic (cont.)




For posting weekly, time-critical information to your students about your on-line course.

Post announcements 

Post an announcement to a group


For posting your online course goals, requirements, assignments, and outline of activities/events.

Add a new syllabus 

Redirect the syllabus to a Word file

Add an attachment to a syllabus 


For creating, posting, collecting, and grading students’ online

Add an assignment 

Reorder assignments 

Editing, duplicating and removing an assignment

Download and upload grades 

Provide grades and feedback 


For storing and computing your students’ scores from Assignments, Tests & Surveys, and/or Forums OR scores you manually enter.

View scores by group

Change grade type

View cumulative scores

Add an item to the Gradebook

Edit a Gradebook item

Hide course grade

Remove assignment from calculated grade

Import grades from a spreadsheet


For authoring, organizing and sequencing, and delivering your course learning activities online.

Modules overview


For posting documents, URLs to other websites you want to include, and YouTube video site that can help your students learn.

Add a file 

Resources, Upload and Download Multiple Resources 

Reorder Resources

Test & Survey

For creating and scoring online tests for students to take under time-based and re-take conditions that you determine.

Migrating an individual test or survey from Original Test and Survey

Migrating tests and surveys in bulk from Original Test and Survey

Creating a new assessment

Creating a test using markup Text

Settings overview

Publishing a test

Editing a published test

Creating a question pool

Managing question pools

Viewing test results and grading a test

User Activity Report

Grading short answer and essay questions

Moving assessments using the Site Setup tool

Taking a linear test

Taking a non-linear test

Using mark for review

Viewing grades and feedback

Viewing immediate feedback


For displaying messages to and from your students related to your online course.

Send a message 

Read and reply to messages 

Email Archive

For viewing messages sent from other email providers, such as Microsoft Outlook

Send email from Microsoft Outlook 

Create a site distribution email list 

Drop Box

For sharing private files between you and your students, e.g., assignment drafts, recommendations.

Add an item to the Drop Box 


For displaying topics and drafts of projects that students can examine and share comments about.

Create a discussion forum and topic

Compose a forum message

Read and reply to a forum message

Grade a forum message

Reorder forums and topics

Chat Room

For displaying real-time conversations among students and with you about topics, assignments,  and other related topics that ALL students would want to share and converse about.

Create multiple chat rooms