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 Dr. Paul J. Blohm

Jie Wang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Office: HH 323
Phone: 219-980-6623

Online Course Offered:
Fall, Spring, Summer Semester

CSCI-C106 Introduction to Computers and Their Use

Course Description  

The CSCI C106 online course provides students with computer fundamentals, an understanding of the impact of computers in our computer-oriented society and a framework for using this knowledge effectively. Students will learn computer history, the current status and future trends of computers and computer-related technology, information representation in computers, computer architecture and hardware components, system and application software, computer networks and the Internet, database management, program development and programming languages, computer security and privacy, and the associated societal issues as well. Students not only learn about computer literacy and relevant cutting-edge technology trends, but they also gain a better understanding of technology in general and some issues surrounding technology today.

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Course Goals and Objectives  

Key instructional objectives for this online course include:

  • Acquisition of a comprehensive knowledge of computers, which spans from the history of computers to the latest new technologies under development; from computer hardware to software and computer networks to the Internet and so on;
  • Deep understanding of the use of computers and their associated devices in every aspect of our society including, but not limited to: a variety of data storage devices and methods, Internet and Web, computer information systems and databases;
  • Ability to select the appropriate hardware and software for data management and information systems and formulate an effective solution by applying certain computer-related technologies;
  • Awareness of several major societal issues including security and privacy concerns involved in most computer applications.

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Course Activities  

Key course activities that you will complete in this online course to prepare yourself to support your students’ reading and studying your content material include:

Assignments. Students will complete assignments on a chapter by chapter basis.

Forums. Each student is expected to actively participate in discussing questions posted by your instructor in online forums. Discussions are group-based and conducted in online forums. For each forum discussion assignment, students will post their ideas and make responses to others’ posts in the forum. Each group will summarize the discussion in a written report. Each group discussion assignment will be evaluated by an individual’s participation in the group forum as well as the quality of the report.

Tests & Exams. Students will take a test after completion of each chapter. Besides this, there are three exams throughout the semester which help students reinforce their understanding of the material. Students will be given a final exam at the end of the semester.

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Course Syllabus  


CSCI C106: Introduction to Computers and Their Use

Online Course Syllabus

Time: Online

Place: Online

Instructor: Jie Wang, Ph.D.

Office: Hawthorn Hall rm 323

Phone: (219) 980-6623