Indiana University Northwest

Online Course Previews

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School of Education

Methods of Teaching Content Area Literacy, Paul Blohm, Ph.D.
Computer Use in Education, Ju Park, Ph.D.

Critical Reading and Research, Dianna Atrosh and Cathy Hall

Education Psychology, Antonia Szymanski, Ph.D.

College of Health and Human Services

Social Work Practice with Death, Dying, Grief, Loss, and Bereavement, Jennifer June Anderson

Law and Public Affairs, Susan Zinner, J.D.

Human Resources Management in Nonprofits, Atta Ceesay, Ph. D.

Corrections-Online, Monica Saunders, Ph. D.

Understanding Diversity in a Pluralistic Society, Elena Mrzonski, LCSW LCAC

Seminar in Homeland Security, Joseph Ferrandino, Ph. D.

Computer Systems in Healthcare, Dorinda Sattler, MJ, RHIA, CHPS, CPHRM

Healthcare Quality and Information Management, Dorinda Sattler, MJ, RHIA, CHPS, CPHRM

Public Health in the Urban Environment, Elizabeth Greenwald, MPH, CHES

Senior Hygiene Seminar, Donna Krause, CDA, LDH, MPA

Social Policy Practice II:  Organizations, Communities, and Society, Marshelia Harris, MSW

Evaluation Process in Research, Mark Thomas, Ph.D., LCSW

Medical Terminology, Susan Woods

Public Health in the Urban Environment, Elizabeth Greenwald, MPH, CHES

School of Business and Economics

Financial Management, Bala Arshanapalli, Ph.D.

Introduction to Statistics for Economics and Business, Surekha Rao, Ph.D.

Introduction to Business Administration, Steve Dunphy, Ph.D.

College of Arts and Sciences

American Civilization II, Nicole Anslover, Ph.D.

Introduction to Computing, Diane Larson

Elementary Composition 1, Douglas Swartz

Professional Writing Skills, Linda Oldenburg

Interpersonal Communication, Dorothy Ige, Ph.D.

Elementary Logic, Gianluca Di Muzio, Ph.D.

Introductions to Computers and Their Use, Jie Wang, Ph.D.

Introduction to Mass Media, Alicia Wright

History of Western Civilization II, Jonathyne Briggs, Ph.D.

Introduction to Earth Science, Kris Huysken, Ph.D.

Finite Mathematics, Vesna Kilibarda, Ph.D.