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 Dr. Dorothy Ige

Dorothy Ige, Ph.D.
Communications Arts

Office: HH 338
Phone: 219-980-6880

Online Course Offered:
Fall Semester

COAS-S 122 Interpersonal Communication

Course Description  

This S122: Interpersonal Communication - Practical consideration of human interaction is explored.  Special attention is given to perception, verbal and nonverbal language, and attitudes in dyads and small groups, in face-to-face, digital, or mediated situations.  No prerequisites.

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Course Goals and Objectives  

Through oral, nonverbal, and written assignments within the virtual classroom environment, students should be able to acquire and apply knowledge that demonstrates effective intrapersonal (self) and interpersonal (relational pair or small group) communication in various contexts upon completion of the course.  General Course Objectives include:

Explaining the Methods of Inquiry Used in Communication as a Social Science
Students will Identify major Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Communication Theories and Methods of Studying Relationships;  Verbal, Nonverbal, and  Listening Interactions via Face-to-Face, Social, and other Media; and Conflict Management Messages. 

Explaining Behavior Using Communication Theories and Concepts
Students will describe the Communication Process and Relational Communication Terms, and Identify Components on at least One Model of Communication.  Students will Adapt Study to Real-Life Situations, and Assess Relational Communication Problems and Solutions toward Interpersonal Competence.

Explaining Communication Factors that Influence How Different Societies Organize Themselves and How Individual Differences Influence Human Communication Activity
Students will Analyze and Apply Knowledge of Communication Processes and Roles in Various Situations such as Cultural, Family, Friendships, Work, and Social Group Settings

EVALUATION:  All Course Objectives are assessed through Graded Dynamic Assignments, Interactive Discussions, and Exams/Quizzes, and are tied to IU Northwest General Education Student Outcomes.

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Course Activities  

Key course activities that you will complete in this online course to prepare yourself to support your students’ reading and studying your content material include:

5 Assignments
     Assignments submitted to the instructor include: 

  • Pre/Post Quizzes, one-time highly recommended 90 min. face-to-face Orientation meeting; Optional Photo posting (if not already posted)
  •  Communication Model identification & analysis
  • Cyber-Bullying Case Study analysis
  •  Creating a Human Avatar Caricature and interacting and processing feedback about the Second Life experience
  • Team Presentation Planning Activities 

 5 Discussions
    Discussions include posting and answering questions for both the instructor and selected student peers:

    Bio & response to Bios of others

  • Response to Cultural Case Study analysis of others
  • Being Present & Evaluating Group Presentations of other Teams
  • Conflict Case Studies
  • Reaction to Conflict Case Analyses of another

3 Major Tests Online  
While there are several other written assignments, the 3 Tests are taken online.  They consist of Multiple Choice, Matching, and Fill-in-the-Blank formats.  They cover all readings and class materials (including the major PowerPoint lecture notes).  Test Reviews and sample ungraded quizzes are provided as preparation before each major Test.  These will be one-time, timed computer exams. 

1 Major Team Presentation Assignment

Occurs in Second Life virtual world.  A single Team Outline using PowerPoint, in “notes” format, required, and is to be submitted to all affiliated with the class well in
advance of the group presentation. The team can work on early versions of the Team Outline together in Google Docs or by skype.  There are 4 Teams of approximately 6-7 members who give 30-40 minute team presentations in Second Life, and peer evaluate the team presentations of others. 

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Course Syllabus  


COAS S122: Interpersonal Communication

Online Course Syllabus

Time: Online

Place: Online

Instructor: Dorothy W. Ige, Ph.D.

Office: 338 Hawthorn Hall

Phone: (219) 980-6680