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Marshelia Harris

Marshelia Harris, MSW
Division of Social Work

Office: Dunes/Med Prof 3171
Phone: 219-981-5630

Online Course Offered:
Fall Semester

SWK- S516 Social Policy Practice II: Organizations, Communities, and Society

Course Description  

This course provides students with knowledge, values and cognitive skills focused on social work practice at the organizational, community, and societal levels. Social work interventions at these levels include involvement of relevant stakeholders in the development and/or modification of organizational community and societal policies, programs, and practices.

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Course Goals and Objectives  

Through active participation in the learning experiences and completion of the readings, assignments and learning projects offered throughout this seminar, learners are expected to demonstrate the ability to:

1.  Understand the dynamic interactions between people and their environments at the organizational, community and societal levels.

2.  Identify and analyze social work values and ethical dilemmas as they relate to theories and interventions at the organizational, community and societal levels.

3.  Identify the impact of oppression on communities, organizations and society and apply strengths-based and empowerment models to advance social and economic justice.

4.  Demonstrate skills in cultural competence for practice at the organizational, community and societal levels.

5.  Understand and analyze various theories and models about the structure and functioning of communities and organizations.

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Course Activities  

Active Learning Activities for SWK S516 consist of forum postings, group debates, case studies, song lyrics, and group presentations. A detailed description of each is listed below.

Weekly Forum Posts - Each student will post a discussion question as it relates to the chapter readings. Each student will respond to two separate questions from two students. The response should incorporate the chapter readings, personal knowledge, professional experiences, gut reactions, and previous learning.

Group Debates – Students will be divided into groups to argue a “pro” or “con” position on a specific topic. Each group will have to post their argument, answer questions from the other groups, and defend their positions. The topics will be based on current events and relate to the chapter readings.

Case Studies – Students will examine case studies to identify specific trends in communities and to do a comparative analysis of populations and arenas.

Song Lyrics – Students will be divided into groups and each group will be assigned a song. The group will need to analyze the lyrics of the song and identify three social problems from the past that may be present in a community today.

Group Presentations – Each group must visit, research, and analyze a selected community to understand the needs of the target populations residing in the community.  The group will present their findings to the class.

Course Syllabus  


SWK S516 Social Policy Practice II:  Organizations, Communities, and Society

Online Course Syllabus

Time: Online

Place: Online

Instructor: Marshelia Harris, MSW

Office: Dunes Medical/Professional Building Rm 3171

Phone: (219) 981-5630