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 Dr. Joseph Ferrandino

Joseph Ferrandino, Ph.D.
School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Office: Dunes Medical / Professional Blg Rm 2122
Phone: 219-980-6902

Online Course Offered:
Summer Semester

SPEA-J 470 Seminar in Homeland Security

Course Description  

J470: This is a senior-level seminar course that focuses on historical and present aspects of the approach to homeland security. Particular emphasis is placed on the legal and policy approaches taken in times of war, with a special focus on the 9/11 attack and response. This class is delivered entirely online over the shortened summer session and is reading and writing intensive, with the 9/11 Report serving as the textbook, which aids in learning about geography, history, terrorist planning and the involvement of the United States around the world.

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Course Goals and Objectives  

The main goal of this course is to learn about the world and the time period before, during and after the 9/11 attacks.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  1. Assess the impact of threats on an open, democratic society.
  2. Integrate the fields of geography, culture, politics, rights and economics with the emergence of homeland security.
  3. Display a detailed knowledge of 9/11 and its causes as well as evaluate the policies and legislation that resulted from the tragedy.
  4. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the US Constitution and be able to apply this knowledge to policies enacted to secure the homeland.
  5. Critically assess the Department of Homeland Security from an organizational perspective.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to apply a historical Supreme Court case to a recent case.
  7. Sharpen writing ability, expand reading comprehension and enhance note-taking abilities.

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Course Activities  

This class entails the following assignments to reach the class objectives and display learning of the material:

- Weekly reading quizzes (multiple choice and true/false). There will also be a map quiz on the Middle East.

- Weekly writing assignments that are based on the readings and other material to better help contextualize 9/11 and the response of the United States.

- Weekly discussion posts (and responses) to interact with classmates, learn their views on assigned topics, share your views and learn from each other as we learn together.

- A final examination that covers what we have read and learned (50% multiple choice and 50% written). 

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Course Syllabus  


SPEA J470: Seminar in Homeland Security

Online Course Syllabus

Time: Online

Place: Online

Instructor: Joseph Ferrandino, Ph.D.

Office: Dunes Medical/Professional Bld Rm 2122

Phone: (219) 980-6902

Email: [[joferran]]