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 Steve Dunphy

Steve Dunphy, Ph.D.
School of Business and Economics

Office: Dunes Medical / Professional Building 1114
Phone: 219-980-6904

Online Course Offered:
Fall, Spring Semester

BUS-W 100 Introduction to Business Administration

Course Description  

Business administration is presented from the standpoint of a manager of a business firm operating in the contemporary economic, political and social environment.  In that endeavor, this course provides an overall picture of business operations including the environment of business, trends in business today, management & organization, human resources, marketing, information for business strategy and finance.  These specialized fields within the business rubric shall be analyzed.  Finally, the role of business in today’s emerging society shall be examined.   

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Course Goals and Objectives  


1.  To broaden the understanding of the American free enterprise system.

2. To examine how businesses operate in our modern political, social and economic environment.

3.  To provide a general background in the elements and characteristics of business enterprise.

4.  To clarify the role of profits in our economic system.

5.  To analyze the many aspect of business functions such as management, organization, human relations, marketing, accounting, finance, and ethics.

6.  To analyze the methods and procedures used by people in business to arrive at effective decisions.

7.  To expand and enrich your business vocabulary.

8.  To create an awareness of the varied career opportunities in business and aid in selecting a vocation or enhancing the vocation already selected.

9.  To develop an ability to articulate the influence of political, social, legal and regulatory, environmental and technological issues on business decisions.

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Course Activities  

Key course activities that you will complete in this online course to prepare yourself to support your students’ reading and studying your content material include:

(A) Assess-      Test 1, Chapters 1-6, 25%        (Short answer M/C; T/F format.)

ment Exer-     Test 2, Chapters 7-11, 25%

cises (75%)     Test 3, Chapters 12-16, 25%

(B) Business

News (10%)   Students shall use the Microsoft Office Suite to construct a “Business Newsletter.” Today’s business stakeholders need timely and functional information about effective business practices.  Students shall be given the opportunity to explain modern, business practices through the use of a one page (front page) newsletter using the pre-designed template on Microsoft Publisher.  Rules for correct grammar, syntax, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation must be observed when composing the business newsletter.  Papers must be the sole work of the student (without outside writing or editing assistance).  The newsletter must include text art, contoured text, an imbedded Microsoft Excel chart, an Internet graphics file and multiple columns.

Students may think of themselves as management consultants.  Their task is to communicate relevant practices, techniques and procedures to the various business stakeholders.  Email the finished 1 page product to 

C) My              The MyBizLab website can be accessed by going to and

BizLab            inputting the username and passcode that accompanies the textbook.  There are

 (15%)             16 MyBizLab exercises, one for each chapter.  Some of these exercises involve posting in various chat rooms or forums with topics linked to the chapter. Chat rooms and/or forums require a minimum of 2 posts and 2 responses per chat room or forum.  Please complete 15 of the 16 exercises and email them to to receive full credit.

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Course Syllabus  


BUS W100: Introduction to Business Administration

Online Course Syllabus

Time: Online

Place: Online

Instructor: Steven Dunphy, Ph. D.

Office: Dunes Medical / Professional Building 1114

Phone: (219)980-6901