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 Dr. Jonathyne Briggs

Jonathyne Briggs, Ph.D.
Department of History

Office: HH 207
Phone: 219-980-6658

Online Course Offered:
Spring Semester

HIST H114 History of Western Civilization II

Course Description  

H114: This course acts as an introduction to the history of Europe from the seventeenth century to the present. As such, it emphasizes broad themes and long-term political, social, and cultural trends of Europe. It does not pretend to be an exhaustive treatment. With this goal in mind, the course combines virtual lecture and textual readings in order to discuss crucial episodes in modern European history within the global context.

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Course Goals and Objectives  

In this course, you will learn:

  1.  The broad political, social, and cultural history of Europe and the World in the modern period
  2. The continued influence of Western ideas in contemporary society
  3. How to read and interpret primary historical documents
  4. How to make a historical argument based on evidence
  5. How to present argument and evidence in a clear manner

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Course Activities  

Students will participate through a series of exercises, including:

Written responses: Student will write short papers (300 words long) based on primary documents.  There are a number of these assignments and students have some flexibility in choosing which assignments to complete.

Discussion Forums: This exercise will constitute a great deal of the student’s engagement with the course.  Students will respond to questions posted weekly in forums in a brief manner (150-200 words) based on their analysis of primary documents, then later respond to other students’ answers in shorter comments (75-100 words).

Quizzes: Short quizzes testing textbook reading and understanding will be administered.  These quizzes will be short and focused on information from the course textbook.

Exams: Both a midterm and final exam will be given to test students understanding of documents and broader concepts of the history of Western Civilization.

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Course Syllabus  


HIST H114: History of Western Civilization ll

Online Course Syllabus

Time: Online

Place: Online

Instructor: Jonathyne Briggs, Ph.D.

Office: Hawthorn Hall 207

Phone: (219) 980-6658