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B Arshanapalli

Bala Arshanpalli, Ph.D.
School of Business and Economics

Office: MP 1126
Phone: 219-980-6919

Online Course Offered:
Fall, Spring Semesters

BUNW-B512 Financial Management in Organizations

Course Description  

This online course will help you understand the theory of financial management and its applications in business.  Basic accounting concepts and their use in financial statement analysis are discussed. Discounted cash flow and rate-of-return analysis are used to evaluate projects. Issues of Capital Structure and Dividend Policies are discussed. Break-even analysis is employed to measure the impact of changes in volume and costs. An introduction to scenario analysis, short- and long-term financial management, international finance, and operating budgets and their preparation is provided

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Course Goals and Objectives  

Key instructional objectives for this online course include:

  • Identify the role of financial markets, institutions and interest rates in the financial management of organizations.
  • Explain "time value of money" concepts and apply these concepts in managerial decision-making
  • Use "net present value", "internal rate of return", and "project risk" analysis in making capital budgeting decisions.
  • Develop long-term financing strategies that recognize cost of capital and capital structure.

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Course Activities  

Key course activities you will complete in this online course to prepare yourself to support your students’ reading and studying your content material include:

  • Forums. Each student is expected to actively participate in discussing the issues raised in the weekly forums.  Each week your instructor will post an excel template that you should complete. The template gives an overview of the entire chapter.  This assignment is worth 10% of the course grade.
  • Mid-term and a Final Exam: Both midterm and final examinations will be given. For both exams, exam questions will be posted in Original Test and Survey section of the Oncourse on the date indicated in the Course Guide/Schedule. Your answers must be submitted for a grade no later than 11:59 p.m. Central Time on the date indicated in the Course Guide/Schedule. These tests are worth 60% of the course grade.
  • Group Assignment:  Class members may "self-select" their own teams/groups during the first week of the semester. Each group must include 3-4 members.  The group assignment consists of a mini case at the end of a chapter your text. More details are available by referring to the course schedule.  This assignment is worth 10% of the course grade.

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Course Syllabus  


BUNW B512: Financial Management

Online Course Syllabus

Time: Online

Place: Online

Instructor: Bala Arshanapalli, Ph.D.

Office: Dunes Med/Prof Building 1126

Phone: (219) 980-6919