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Nicole Anslover, Ph.D.

Nicole Anslover, Ph.D.
Department of History

Office: Lindenwood 426
Phone: 219-980-6975
Online Course Offered:
Summer Session I

HIST- H106 American History II

Course Desctiption  

The study of history is important for many reasons.  This course will examine the events of the past with the purpose of better understanding how and why Americans behave as they do.  Our focus will be not only on history, but on what history tells us about ourselves and our culture.  Also, course readings will expose students to a wide range of readings and topics that will give them differing views on given historical events.  This course will focus mainly on political, social, and economic themes.  Class members will be given the chance to develop their analytical skills.

Course Goals and Objectives  

Although this course covers a very broad area of history, time will be made to thoroughly examine specific events and to give the students time to voice their questions and opinions.  History 106 is an introductory course, which as part of a two course survey will provide students with a background in American history through the use of a textbook, primary documents, images, and lectures.  Students will be given the chance to examine primary documents and to participate in class discussions. Students will develop critical thinking skills and improve writing skills. Comprehension of American history will be increased.

Course Activities  

Each week, students will access a Module that contains Powerpoint presentations and readings for the given topic. Students will complete weekly assignments that include listening to/watching video lectures and answering questions, reading primary source documents and answering questions, and listening to audio clips relevant to the topics for the week. Students will also complete 2 exams and 2 short papers over the course of the semester. Students will also actively participate in the discussion forums, where there will be weekly discussion questions which relate to the topics for consideration.

Course Syllabus  


HIST - H 106

Online Course Syllabus

Time: Online

Place: Online

Instructor: Nicole Anslover, Ph.D.

Office: Lindenwood 426

Phone: 219-980-6975