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Utilization: Rules and Regulations for General Use

  • All users of the NLRC are expected to act in a manner that is conducive to academic learning.
  • Nursing students currently enrolled in the nursing program at Indiana University Northwest are the only persons authorized to be in the Nursing Learning Resource Center (N.L.R.C.). Family, including children and friends are not to accompany students to the N.L.R.C. during study.
  • Use of the N.L.R.C. is restricted to the posted supervised hours only.  Hours will be posted at the beginning of each semester.
  • All students using the N.L.R.C. must sign in and out on the form designated.
  • There is to be no eating, drinking, eating of candy, or chewing of gum in the N.L.R.C. Computer Lab.
  • Any student causing a disturbance will be asked to leave the N.L.R.C. by the manager of the N.L.R.C. or other authorized personnel. Repeat offenders will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • All materials and/or equipment are to be used in the N.L.R.C. Materials such as audio-visuals or reference texts must be requested in advance from the manager of the NLRC.  All materials must be returned to the N.L.R.C. manager or authorized personnel.  Student identification will be required when students check out lab audio-visuals, text references, or equipment.
  • Students may check-out lab audio visuals, texts, or equipment for a period of two weeks. 
  • Malfunctioning of equipment should be immediately reported to the N.L.R.C. manager.
  • If unsure about how to operate a piece of equipment, ask for assistance from N.L.R.C. personnel. Damage resulting from improper use or abuse of equipment will be the financial responsibility of the user.
  • Students are expected to reassemble and wrap kits borrowed from or used in the lab. Students are also expected to tidy up their study/practice areas prior to leaving the lab.  Lab areas should be left in at least as tidy as found.
  • Coats and book bags are to be placed on coat racks provided in the lab. Students are to keep their purses and other valuables with them at all times. The School of Nursing is not responsible for any lost personal items.
  • Students may sign out equipment for a class. Students will be financially responsible for damaged or lost equipment. Failure to meet this financial responsibility may result in the withholding of course grades.
  • Mannequins (static and simulation) should be covered and left in the bed or chair that they occupy.

Policies for Faculty Utilization

  • Session for skill reviews, computers sessions, or other lab activities must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks before the activity with the NLRC manager via Oncourse email.  Exceptions are Physical Assessment and Fundamentals as they have scheduled N.L.R.C. sessions.
  • The Resource Committee reserves the right to limit the use of all equipment and supplies.
  • Returned equipment and other resources signed out previously by faculty members must be verified by the N.L.R.C. manager or authorized personnel.
  • Faculty are required to insure that the NLRC/simulation area is cleaned and ready for use by the next group.  All furniture should be replaced to its original location.

Policies Regarding the Use of Simulation Equipment

  • Students are not allowed to use the simulation mannequins without faculty supervision.
  • An orientation power point will be required to be viewed faculty and students prior to the scheduled simulation.
  • All simulation activities must be scheduled through the NLRC manager, Prof. Newman, via email through Oncourse.
  • Simulation requests must be made two weeks in advance of the scheduled session.  It is highly recommended to reserve the simulation equipment prior to the start of each semester, or within the first week of starting. *available under “Resources” in Simulation Oncourse.
  • Simulation equipment request form can be submitted via email and availability will be checked by the NLRC manager.  A confirmatory email will be sent to the requestor.
  • Upon receipt of request form, the simulation day and equipment reservation will be scheduled on the Faculty Forum Calendar.
  • While scheduling will be on a first come-first serve basis, in the event there is multiple requests for same day and time for simulations (and/or other lab activities), the NLRC manager will contact each of the instructors to discuss options.
  • All mannequins (static, VitalSim, and SimMan Essential) are to be treated with respect as if they are actual human patients.
  • No ink or marking pens are to be used near or on any of the lab mannequins or other simulation equipment.  Betadine is also prohibited for use on mannequins. 
  • A lubricant specifically designed for use on mannequins must be used for insertion of any tube, such as urinary catheters or nasal gastric tubes.
  • Students are required to sign a confidentiality statement prior to each simulation experience.  *available under “Resources” in Simulation Oncourse.
  • All users of simulation are required to insure that at the end of their session, the lab is cleaned and ready for use by the next group.

Faculty Utilization in the Absence of the N.L.R.C. Manager

  • The Resource Committee reserves the right to limit use of all equipment and supplies.
  • Advanced reservations for all equipment and supplies are necessary for each summer course.  
  • Access to the storeroom is reserved for full time and adjunct nursing department faculty.  Adjunct faculty will be given a set of keys to the NLRC and store room.  However, the keys must be returned to the Nursing Secretary at the end of the semester.
  • Faculty member checking out equipment and/or supplies is responsible for the daily cleaning and return of equipment and/or supplies to the appropriate storage containers or areas.
  • Faculty members are responsible for cleaning all equipment including resuscitation equipment after each use (refer to Basic Life Support Training Center policies for cleaning resuscitation equipment).
  • The person signing out equipment for the length of a course is responsible for its return at the end of the course. All equipment must be returned in proper working order.
  • Problems regarding malfunction of the computer or audio-visual equipment must be reported to Mark Unchapher at extension 5628 or to Information Technology at 981-4357 (HELP) immediately.
  • Problems regarding malfunction of audio-visual equipment obtained from the manager or authorized personnel of the N.L.R.C. must be reported to extension 4357 or 5628.
  • Problems with the function of the computers in the NLRC  must be reported to IU Northwest IT at 980-4357.

Other Indiana University Northwest Departments

  • The Resource Committee reserves the right to limit the use of all N.L.R.C. equipment and audio-visual materials.
  • At least 2 weeks advance notice during work days, Monday through Friday, is necessary in order to reserve equipment.
  • Departments requesting resuscitation equipment must provide their own supplies (refer to B.L.S. Training Center policies).
  • The faculty member checking out equipment is responsible for the cleaning and return of the equipment.
  • Any university department borrowing N.L.R.C. CDs, texts, or equipment is financially responsible for replacement of damaged or lost films or equipment.
  • While NLRC resources are available for use by other departments, priority will be given to Nursing in terms of scheduling. 
  • Other departments wishing to use NLRC will be unable to make requests more than a week in advance.  The scheduling must be made with Jo Newman via email (

Outside Agency Utilization: Rules and Regulations

  • The Resource Committee resolves the right to limit the use of the facility; serving the needs of our Indiana University Northwest Nursing Students takes precedence over outside requests.
  • Three months advanced reservation for the use of equipment or facilities is required. Reservation forms may be detained from the Indiana University Northwest Nursing Department upon request.
  • The reservation request is to be sent to the Indiana University Northwest Program Director of the School of Nursing. Following a review by the Director and the Resource Committee, the request will be granted or denied.
  • Upon receipt of approval, a $25.00 deposit will be necessary in order to confirm the reservation date. The deposit must be received no later than 30 days after receipt of approval. This deposit is non-refundable in the event that the program is canceled.
  • Final payment will be required no later than 30 days following the date of use.
  • Rental fees are commensurate with other departments on the Indiana University Northwest Campus:
    • For use of facility:
      • Weekdays $50.00 / hr. (8 AM - 5 PM)
      • Evenings $50.00 / hr. (5 PM - 10 PM)
      • Weekends $50.00 / hr. (Sat / Sun 8 AM - 8 PM)
      • For equipment:
        • $50.00 / hr. for each piece of equipment used
        • $50.00 / hr. for each piece of software used
        • $50.00 / hr. for staff personnel or their current hourly rate of pay
  • Agencies requesting facility space for Basic Life Support must provide their own supplies and kits (Refer to B.L.S. Training Center Policies).
  • The N.L.R.C. has a policy of no eating, drinking, or gum chewing on the premises at any time. Failure to abide by this policy may result in denial of future rental requests.
  • Income generated from the rental of the N.L.R.C. supports the Indiana University Northwest School of Nursing Continuing Education Program. Checks will be made payable to " Indiana University" for deposit into the continuing education account.

Equipment available:

Mannequins – 




SimMan Essential




1 (hoping!!)









Other equipment available:

  • IV arm
  • B/P arm (will require use of VitalSim unit)
  • Sound trainer – heart, lung, bowel
  • Arrhythmia simulator
  • IV pumps – 2 Baxter
  • Cervical & Pelvic models – 2
  • Wound Model
  • Breast Model – 5
  • Testicular Model – 1
  • Fundus kits – 2
  • Mastectomy kit for VitalSim female
  • Wheelchair
  • Walker – 2
  • Bedside commode
  • Crutches – 3 pair
  • Quad-cane – 1
  • Venous Doppler
  • Pulse Oximeter

Revised 08/2012  JN