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Notes of Distinction: Feb 2016

Monday Jan 25, 2016

Blessed to be technically savvy: Larry Hayden thrives in church broadcasting role

Larry Hayden, Microcomputer Technician II, is not only IU Northwest’s go-to guy when anyone on campus has a computer issue that needs fixing, but he’s also the technical director for his church’s television studio. That’s right, The Old Landmark Church of God Holiness in Christ, located in Chicago, runs a TV studio which broadcasts its weekly services and Hayden is at the helm, along with an assistant director and a trainee, making sure each shot that is recorded looks its best. Hayden is also responsible for making sure the audio is functioning properly, both during the service and on the recording.

Larry Hayden

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Hayden explains that his role as technical director for the church came by way of need in 2009.

“The church had a need and I was there to supply it,” Hayden laughs. “I never received any formal training or education that taught me how to do the work.  I pretty much received on-the-job training.  I started in the studio as a cameraman somewhere around 2005, I guess.  After a while the opportunity was presented to learn a little more about the behind the scenes functions.  I began to learn a little here and a little there.  Sometime after that we went through a transition period and it turns out that I was next in line to take the helm.”

Hayden reflects that becoming the technical director for his church’s television studio was certainly a “trial by fire experience.”

“Nevertheless,” he says, “I was blessed to have a great group of people working with me that helped me learn each step of the way. Even those who were in that position before me continue to help me greatly.  It is a very rewarding experience when you can actually see the work that you have been fortunate enough to produce.  But I understand that it is not just myself that did it but all those that I work alongside and most importantly the Lord who gives us the ability to do it for his glory.”

In addition, Hayden was ordained into the ministry in 2009 by his late pastor, Apostle Robert Mitchell.  He now ministers under the leadership of his current pastor, Bishop Larry Schiefelbusch, who, coincidentally, served as an associate professor of mathematics at IU Northwest for 36 years before his retirement in June 2008.

“As a minister, I seek to encourage our church’s congregation to live lives acceptable to God,” Hayden says. “A great part of that is living a selfless life; one that seeks to serve others and to be pure before the eyes of God.  As a minister, my life has to be an example before them.”

Hayden is certainly not reserved in the gratitude department. He truly feels blessed that he’s had the opportunity to work with great mentors that have helped him professionally and in his ministry.

“Everything that I do as a computer technician, technical director and as a minister has helped to make me the person that I am today,” Hayden says. “They have helped me learn better work ethics and the value of working to achieve something greater than myself.  For that I am grateful.”

To view Hayden’s work, tune in to one of the following stations each Monday at 11 a.m.:

Comcast Chicago – Channel 18; Comcast Suburbs – Check Local Listing; Wide Open West Cable – Channel 13; Dish Network – Channel 62; Direct TV – Channel 62; AT&T U-Verse – Channel 62; Antennas – Channel 62.1 Channel 62.4.

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