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Take a moment to acknowledge an employee who goes above and beyond

Nominations due March 6 for Employee Recognition Awards

Monday Feb 22, 2016

Indiana University Northwest staff and faculty members are invited to participate in the 2016 Staff Employee Recognition Award Program. Employees can participate by nominating no more than one colleague in each of the three award categories;

-      Outstanding Staff Customer Service Excellence Award

-      Outstanding Staff Pride Excellence Award

-      Distinguished Employee of the Year Excellence Award (two awards will be given in this category.)

Rewarding good work builds a better workplace

The Staff Employee Recognition Awards Committee members Clifford Caldwell, Clarence Green, Andrea Griffin, Larry Hayden, Jennifer Potter and the co-chairs, Director of Human Resources Mianta’ Diming and the Chancellor’s Executive Assistant Kathy Malone, have been charged with delivering an equitable program to recognize the outstanding staff of IU Northwest. 

The program’s mission is to “encourage outstanding performance, reward excellence in staff achievements and recognize exceptional workplace creativity, innovation and sustained excellence in support of the University.”   

Malone said the program is an excellent way to cultivate an engaged and more productive work environment, by acknowledging employees who are truly committed to their individual jobs and IU Northwest.  The recognition awards program began in 1995 to honor the many commendable contributions of our faculty and staff, and has been enhanced through the years to provide more substantial recognition.

“When we know our work is appreciated,” Malone said, “we tend to take more pride in what we do and it drives us to want to improve our work even more. It’s especially nice when recognition to those who go above and beyond comes from people other than their own supervisors and closest colleagues. When you know that your work has an impact on a broader level, it means a lot, and ultimately, creates a workplace that thrives.”

In order to do this, Diming added, everyone is needed to take advantage of this opportunity to openly acknowledge colleagues who work hard on behalf of IU Northwest.

“I’m confident every employee has at least one campus colleague whose work is incredibly valuable to them, someone who they look to as a mentor, or use as a resource. Or just someone whose work begs to be recognized,” Diming said. “If someone comes to mind, please take the time to acknowledge that person.”

Diming pointed out other benefits to having employees give and receive positive feedback about each other’s work. She said an initiative like this goes a long way in helping employees understand what their colleagues in other areas do and the impact they have.

“This is your opportunity to speak up and acknowledge the good work of your co-workers in ways that their supervisors might not, simply because they work with that person in an entirely different capacity,” Diming said.

Nominate a Rock Star Colleague

The deadline to submit your nomination is March 6, 2016. Consideration for these awards applies to all full-time staff employees, including; professional, clerical, technical and service maintenance staff.

Once nominations have been submitted, the top five employees nominated in each category will be submitted to all full time employees to vote, one vote per category. A minimum of two nominations is required to move forward to the voting process. The employee receiving the most votes in each category wins the award.

Changes in the process this year include the ability for full-time faculty members to nominate staff employees and vote for staff employee awards.    
Award winners will receive $1,000 and a commemorative plaque.  All awards will be presented at the Employee Recognition Award Luncheon scheduled for Wednesday, April 27, 2016.
Please show your support and nominate an outstanding staff employee for one of these awards. Thank you for your participation!

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