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A legacy to ensure IU Northwest’s future

Consider a charitable bequest to make a high-impact, long-term gift

Monday Oct 05, 2015

As budgets continue to tighten, state support diminishes and expectations continue to rise, Indiana University Northwest relies on its private supporters more than ever before to help its students afford higher education and achieve their dreams.

By making arrangements in your estate plan, you can make a philanthropic gift to IU Northwest that will endure for years to come.

That’s what Dr. Alfred and Mrs. Sue Kobak did to ensure that the IU School of Medicine – Northwest can continue to grow and serve the needs of the region’s medical students for generations.

Now retired, Dr. Kobak practiced obstetrics/gynecology in Valparaiso for decades. Also a long-time faculty member for IUSM-NW, Kobak feels strongly about continuing to serve the medical school after his lifetime.

Instead of giving to IUSM-NW now, the Kobaks made arrangements in their estate plan to make charitable bequest to IUSM-NW. This enables them to make a larger and more enduring gift that will help generations.

A charitable bequest is an option that many simply don’t think of as a way of giving back to the causes that are important to them. It is a simple and powerful way to leave a legacy, and also one that enables those who cannot offer financial support right now, to make a difference.

The tradition of practicing medicine, and teaching medical students, spans three generations in the Kobak family. Kobak’s father was a physician, and his son is also a physician, and all three have taught medical students throughout their career.

For the Kobaks, their charitable bequest is a way of saying “thank you.” It serves as thanks for the gifts IUSM-NW provided to Kobak’s long career as well as satisfying their philanthropic spirit. Best of all, it will ensure that opportunities remain plentiful for future student-doctors as the medical school continues to grow.

Whether you want to make your gift now, or as part of your estate, there are more options to consider than simply cash gifts. Annuities, trusts, life insurance policies, real estate, or stocks are some examples.

To learn more about how you can make a difference through a planned gift, please contact Jeri Pat Gabbert at (219) 981-4242.

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