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Notes of Distinction: May 2015

Friday May 22, 2015

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2015 Diversity Awards

2015 Diversity Awards

IU Northwest photo
From left: James Wallace, David King, Jr., Chancellor William J. Lowe, Raoul Contreras, Keith Kirkpatrick.


Congratulations to the recipients of the 2015 Diversity Awards, presented recently by the Office of Diversity, Equity and Multicultural Affairs (ODEMA).

Raoul Contreras, Associate Professor of Minority Studies
Advocate Award

The Advocate Award recognizes an individual, organization or group representing the campus or community, who serves as a spokesperson for a particular issue, serves as a change agent affecting policy, promotes awareness of the issues diverse groups face and assists in recruiting and retaining a diverse student population.

Contreras was described as having “passionate, powerful and inspiring enthusiasm” by student nominator Sharon Batiste.

“He has the ability to connect with every student no matter what their race, gender or knowledge was in the course that he was teaching,” Batiste said.

*  *  *

Keith Kirkpatrick, Leadership Northwest Indiana founder
Champion Award

The Champion Award recognizes an individual, organization or group representing the campus or community, who demonstrates excellence in developing innovative projects to advance diversity, demonstrates leadership in diversity work, and works to acquire resources to support diversity efforts.

Kirkpatrick helps transform leaders of all races, beliefs and ethnicities through the Leadership Northwest Indiana program, a year-long training program for those who work in a number of fields ranging from education and law to medicine and the non-profit sector.

Kirkpatrick’s LNI program was described as “engaging and encouraging” by nominator Janell Harvey.

“The most fascinating impact of this program is the fact that so many participants go on to pursue endeavors that they never before believed they could.”

*  *  *

David King, Jr. Student and President of the Black Student Union
Friend Award

The Friend Award recognizes an individual, organization or group representing the campus or community, who contributes creative and unique ideas to support diversity, lends vocal support to diversity efforts, and participates actively in diversity programming.

Nominator Auriel Talifero described King as “an active and engaged student” and noted his involvement in organizing peaceful demonstrations, participating in panel discussions on the relevance of Black History Month, and serving as host to the IUB African American Arts Institute Dance Company during Black History Month at IU Northwest.

Congratulations to outstanding faculty and staff

Indiana University Northwest faculty and staff members gathered over lunch in late April to recognize the contributions of outstanding faculty and staff members at an annual luncheon.

Those recognized include:

Staff Awards

Outstanding Staff Customer Service Excellence Award

TerryAnn Defenser, Campus Events Assistant

Agustin Reyes, Micro Computer Tech II

Outstanding Staff Pride Excellence Award

Hollis Donald, Custodian

Distinguished Employee of the Year Excellence Award

Ida Gillis, Director, Affirmative Action and Employment Practices

Kathy Malone, Executive Assistant

*  *  * 

Faculty Awards

Chancellor's Professorship

Margaret Skurka

Distinguished Scholarship/Creative Activity Award

Zoran Kilibarda

Distinguished Service Award

Vesna Kilibarda

Founder's Day Award

Crystal Shannon

IU Northwest Board of Trustees' Teaching Award:

Marie Eisenstein, Doug Swartz, Xiaofeng Wang, Crystal Shannon, Axel Schulze-Halberg, Andrea Tamburro, Anja Matwijkiw, Atta Ceesay and Eunjoo Kim.

Years of Service Awards

Employees who have dedicated many years of service were also recognized during the luncheon. Attendees applauded the staff members who celebrated service milestones, including Dawn Ilgenfritz who has devoted 40 years to IU Northwest

Chancellor William J. Lowe is among those recognized, as he is celebrating five years at the helm of IU Northwest.

Years of Service Recipients are as follows:

40 Years (1975)

Dawn Ilgenfritz

35 Years (1980)

Mary Ann Fischer, Suzanne Green, Brenda Holmes, Timothy Johnson, David Malik, Kathy Malone and Joseph Pellicciotti.

30 Years (1985)

Roman Dziarski, Stephen Echtenkamp, Dorothy Ige Campbell, David Klamen, Yolanda Solis and Janice Zunich.

25 Years (1990)

Audrea Davis, Nelson De Leon, William Dorin, Ranjan Kini and Nicholas Rosselli.

20 Years (1995)

Cathy Hall, Kathryn Manteuffel, Karen Peterson and Stela Pudar-Hozo.

15 Years (2000)

Delores Crawford, Sharese Dudley, Mary Goolik, Mary Gutierrez, Otto Jefimenko, Rajan Selladurai, Edward Seykowski, Ryan Shelton, Kathy Spicer, James Thomas and Carol Wood.

10 Years (2005)

Wynette Archer, Rosalinda DeLuna, Linda Galocy, Kristie Gilmore, Mary Hackett, Jacqueline Huey, Sharon Lakia, Catherine Lazo-Miller, Ethel Merrell, Jennifer Potter, Linda Sharma, Michele Smith, Anna Villanueva, Derek Walter and Miriam Williams.

5 Years (2010)

Emily Banas, Elexis Currin, Barbara Dahl, Frances Daniel, Jennifer Dennison, Jennifer Greenburg, Andrea Griffin, Davetta Haywood, Glenn Lauzon, Megan LoGreco, William Lowe, Crystal O'Brien, Brian O'Camb, Harold Olivey, Xiaofeng Wang and Gail Zacok.

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