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Ambitious campaign has IU uniting ‘For All’

IU Northwest intends to raise $8 million by bicentennial year to support students, faculty, learning environments and a healthier region

Monday Dec 07, 2015

Indiana University is approaching its 200th anniversary. As the IU community reflects on the local, national and global achievements that IU’s thinkers, leaders and learners across the state have contributed to the world over the past two centuries, it is also fitting to begin thinking about ways we all can aim higher and push further as we begin to write the history of IU’s next 200 years.

To celebrate this milestone during the 2019-2020 academic year, IU has plans to announce the successful completion of its most ambitious fundraising goal in its history and one of the largest ever by a public university. This groundbreaking campaign to raise $2.5 billion, which began in January 2012, was publicly launched in September at each of IU’s seven campuses.

IU Northwest’s contribution to “For All: The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign,” will significantly impact the next generation of leaders, scholars and professionals right here in Northwest Indiana. The campus has pledged to raise $8 million to support the campaign’s goals locally.

At the recent Chancellor’s Medallion and Bicentennial Campaign Launch Celebration, hosted by IU Northwest’s Office of University Advancement and External Affairs, President Michael A. McRobbie announced the campaign and noted its significance.

The campaign will support two paramount goals, McRobbie said, “providing students on all of our campuses with the best, most contemporary and most affordable education possible and pursuing transformative research and scholarship at the highest level of excellence.”

Emphasizing the significance of these goals on IU Northwest’s communities specifically, Chancellor William J. Lowe told supporters that the potential to create a stronger state, nation and world will have far-reaching impact on communities like those of Northwest Indiana, which have unique attributes that only IU’s northernmost regional campus can best understand and address.

IU Northwest’s specific campaign goals include:

Expand student success and regional leadership

Many of IU Northwest’s students are first-generation collegians and adult degree seekers who lack the funds necessary to pursue a higher education. Through scholarships, IU Northwest gives our region’s students access to a world-class education that they will likely put to use for the betterment of their home town University. Since a majority of our graduates remain in Northwest Indiana, they are invested in its future success. Supporting students helps create new generations of professionals who live, thrive and contribute to the success of Northwest Indiana.

Develop world-class faculty and support their research

Our students are inspired and led by their professors. In order to continue to attract top professors and create the resources that enable them to teach and mentor the next generations, their groundbreaking research must be supported to enable them to equip the world with new knowledge. Research grants and endowed chairs are critical to attracting and retaining these types of influential academics and researchers. Gifts can empower more professors to embark on projects that change the way we educate our students and our communities.

Create innovative learning environments

IU Northwest’s campus culture is one in which teaching, research and community service come together. Updated facilities establish a more effective learning environment for students, faculty and visiting industry leaders. In order to meet these burgeoning needs, construction has begun on a new Arts & Sciences building. In addition, the campus has aspirations of developing a green space to beautify the grounds and enrich the campus experience while also benefitting the community. Both of these endeavors will rely on gifts to become fully equipped.

Create a healthier community

As the primary educator of the region’s healthcare providers, IU Northwest is deeply committed to improving the health of its citizens and meeting the growing healthcare needs of the region. Students in both the College of Health and Human Services and the School of Medicine benefit from a unique interdisciplinary learning environment which enables future medical professionals to collaborate across disciplines, just as they would in an actual healthcare setting. Because most who pursue an IU Northwest education intend to make their careers in the region, their skills are vital to improving the quality of life in our diverse communities.

We are all working for the benefit of ALL

“With your support,” Lowe told the Medallion celebration attendees, “we will not only ensure our students have continued access to substantive experiential learning opportunities, but we will be able to bring to life innovations that will help solve regional problems and enhance the quality of life in our communities.”

The campaign came about to support IU’s overall strategic plan, created to enable IU to continue to meet the educational challenges of the future, as well as Blueprint 2.0, the plan that details strategy at the regional campuses and aims to strengthen the collaboration between campuses.

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