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Make a difference for the long-term

A charitable bequest to IU Northwest is a gift without out-of-pocket expense

Tuesday Sep 09, 2014

As budgets continue to tighten, state support diminishes and expectations continue to rise, Indiana University Northwest relies on its private supporters more than ever before to help its students afford higher education and achieve their dreams.

At the same time, you may have a desire to support IU Northwest, but with your own tight budgets and obligations, it may be difficult to offer your financial support now.

Many people don’t realize they can make a gift without any out-of-pocket cost at all.

Remembering IU Northwest in your estate planning is a way of making a lasting gift to IU Northwest that won’t affect your day-to-day budget, yet will promise your enduring support to IU Northwest.

Through a charitable bequest to IU Northwest, you can design a plan as part of your estate that benefits students after your lifetime. You don't have to be a certain age or extremely wealthy. You just need a plan. It’s a simple and powerful way to leave a legacy.

“I speak with many people who want to contribute financially to IU Northwest because of the support they’ve received themselves, or because of the impact IU Northwest has made in their own lives, but they struggle to find a way to make it happen within their budget,” said Jeri Pat Gabbert, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement and External Affairs. “Whenever I bring up the idea of including a charitable bequest in their estate plan, it’s something they’ve never thought of. Actually, it’s quite a good option because it enables a larger and more enduring gift with no out-of-pocket cost whatsoever.”

Whether you want to make your gift now, or as part of your estate, there are more options to consider rather than simply cash gifts. Annuities, trusts, life insurance policies, real estate, or stocks are some examples.

To learn more about how you can make a difference through a planned gift, visit Or, call Jeri Pat Gabbert at (219) 981-4242.

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