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Campus ‘mission’ to raise scholarship funds a huge success

More than 260 donors contribute nearly $9,000 for scholarships

Monday Nov 10, 2014

If you’ve ever seen the film, The Blues Brothers, starring Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi, you’re familiar with the “mission” the brothers embark on to raise money to save their beloved childhood orphanage.

In similar fashion, Indiana University Northwest’s Office of University Advancement and External Affairs set out on a “Mission for Philanthropy” in October, as it joined forces with the Student Alumni Association, Student Activities and the Student Government Association to host a number of fun events designed to raise the campus community's awareness of philanthropy while also raising money to fund student scholarships.

Chancellor William J. Lowe and Chancellor’s Professor Charles Gallmeier served as the faces for the wildly successful campaign as they captivated the campus with their hilarious adaptions of the film’s famous brothers, Jake and Elwood, in videos created by the University’s Instructional Media Services team.

Leeann Wright, Associate Director of Development, spearheaded the catchy campaign, which far exceeded its original goal, bringing in nearly $9,000 for student scholarships. The funds were contributed by an astounding 260+ donors from the campus community.

From coffee carts to the Cheer Team, big red chairs to big cream pies, two weeks of events carried the philanthropy theme throughout campus.

Wright, donning her signature dark glasses and black hat to match the brothers on a mission, repeated the message that a philanthropist is anyone who gives of their “time, treasure and talent,” to further a cause they support.

The groups worked together to thank previous donors as well. Some 130 thank-you letters were penned by students and passersby at a “donation station” set up in the Moraine Student Center.

The following excerpts portray some of the profound thoughts conveyed by faculty, staff and students in the letters they stopped to write to IU Northwest’s long list of donors:

*  *  *

Not only have you given a monetary gift that will make a difference in a young person’s life, but your gift will hopefully inspire a culture of selflessness and altruism that is so sorely needed in our national culture.

Ever since I came here, I have been hearing about how much there are people like you supporting this University as best as they can….Someday, I hope to do the same as those before me just to show how grateful I am to have a huge support system like that of Indiana University (Northwest).

… I’m planning on going to graduate school next fall. This wouldn’t be possible without support from people like you!

…without the scholarships I have received, I would be unable to attend school. I really appreciate and am grateful for donors like you!

Your donations have made it possible for a lot of students to receive scholarships and pursue a worthwhile future…I hope that I will be able to do the same throughout my schooling. Your generosity has made this possible.

*  *  *

Thanks to the Philanthropy Week committee members who brought philanthropy awareness to IU Northwest: Alicia Sines, April VanMilligan, Danielle "Dee" Dotson, Isabel Haddad, Jennifer Teasdale, Jessica Palfi, Leeann Wright, Matt Lawson, Paulette LaFata-Johnson, Scott Fulk, and Velate Sullivan; as well as the University Information Technology Services (UITS) Team, with special thanks to Aaron Pigors, Jaclyn Smith, Tome Trajkovski and Karen Newlin.

Thanks are also due to the "Celebrating Success" Volunteers: Lena Williams, Rana Torabi, Scott Fulk, Kris Schnatz, Matt Lawson, Jessica Palfi, David Malik, and especially, “Chancellor Elwood” Lowe and "Prof. Jake" Gallmeier.

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