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iun modern languages

Welcome to the Languages, Cultures, and Listening Lab

As part of Indiana University Northwest's declared emphasis on cultural discovery and learning, the faculty of the Department of Modern Languages are delighted to present our Languages, Cultures, and Listening Lab. This state-of-the-art computer and multimedia facility offers a stunning array of teaching and learning tools that create connections between languages and cultures and learning and living. In this beautifully decorated space, students comfortably view the teacher and interact and share with one another, without the significant physical barriers of traditional labs. Used primarily as a classroom, the lab allows instructors to integrate lab elements into their teaching, selectively employing lab software tools, audio-visual materials, teleconferencing, headphone/microphones, web sites, word processing, etc., to enhance learning. With its unique hybrid design, the lab/classroom promotes dynamic teaching approaches, active and collaborative student learning, and extensive incorporation of real-life aspects from around the globe in everyday classroom activities.

Lab Description

  • Multi-purpose design for lab, classroom, tutoring/meeting, videoconferencing, and student audio-visual activities promotes maximum benefits from the facility
  • Classroom and open lab hours scheduled throughout the week
  • Location at the center of the Department of Modern Languages facilitates the constant involvement of faculty and staff
  • 24 student computer stations, including one for disabilities
  • Seating allows students to comfortably view the teacher and interact with one another
  • Instructor station with space for two
  • Entirely concealed wiring throughout the room
  • Lab software offers myriad features, including:
    • Comprehensive audio/visual and computer interactivity among teacher and students
    • Array of audio/visual and computer-based teaching tools
    • Conversation or pronunciation practice with headphones/microphone
    • Recording of audio-visual and oral activities
    • Reduced-size audio-visual “TV” screen that students use simultaneously with computer resources
    • Connections for student audio-visual, web, and PowerPoint presentations
  • Teacher desk digital projector for any object or image
  • Remote-controlled ceiling digital projector allows instructor to select computer, desk
    projector, DVD/VCR, or satellite TV sound/images
  • Amplified ceiling speakers for optimum distributed sound
  • Ample whiteboard space for teachers, tutors, and students
  • Videoconferencing and audio/visual station featuring:
    • Creation of conversations with people around the globe
    • Set-up for small or large groups via camera cart and additional microphone stand
    • Images sent to large flat-screen TV and/or pull-down screen
    • Satellite television and/or web-based television in foreign languages
    • Recording of teleconferencing or TV programs
    • Multiple headphone plug-in box allowing students to quietly use TV and DVD/VCR
  • Printer for instructors and students
  • Large bookcases for materials and resources
  • Varied furniture and decoration create distinct, comfortable, and inspiring spaces throughout the room
  • Wall spaces reserved for impromptu presentation of materials, with magnets
  • Extensive area at the front of room for presentations and performances
  • The lab  is in Hawthorn Hall 464.   For more information, please contact the Department at 980-6714.